Mega Bloks John Deere Bale Transport Unit. £6.99 delivered Argos Ebay

Mega Bloks John Deere Bale Transport Unit. £6.99 delivered Argos Ebay

Found 14th Nov 2015
This is a great little set for the price, Mega Bloks stuff has improved quite a lot recently, their master builder sets have always been decent but the other stuff very patchy but recently they have been putting out some nicely designed sets (some of their COD branded stuff is astonishing!) You can see it's a good looking set with some thought gone into the design and the quality is pretty good if not quite Lego standard but then what is?

Also Jeep forest expedition set for same price (thanks plumberman01)

Forest Expedition Set

And seriously check out the "ghosts tactical helicopter" set if you're into bricks!
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nice find op, heat
plumberman01 too x

Good spot!
Edited by: "fatdeeman" 14th Nov 2015
Good spot mega blocs and tractors = one happy son Christmas morning in stocking! Thankyou!
Jonas Quinn

Also World Builders CAT Road Building Superset for £11.99

Yeah this is probably the best value of them all! I was going to post it last night but it was too late, posted it up now!
Only 1 left now, someone had 15 of them lol
Looks like it's gone in and out of stock a few times so might be worth checking intermittently!
It's gone back in stock twice so far, the first time 9 and the second time another 2.
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