Mega Bounce and Slide Castle now £44.99 delivered  at woolworths

Mega Bounce and Slide Castle now £44.99 delivered at woolworths

Found 30th Aug 2008Made hot 30th Aug 2008
The bounce and slide will be mega fun for the kids this summer. With a slide on one side and a bouncy castle on the other, this will be perfect for kids parties or just for when friends pop over for the day. The castle inflates in only 60 seconds and has protective mesh sides.

Suitable for ages 5+



all this needs is a ball pool!

do you want to see something funny ppl are paying upto £100 for these on fleebay

pmsl was looking last night as i saw one of these in my local woolies for £50 so 44.99 deliverd why not

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yes this is the same item but price has been lowered since then so classed as a new deal

quote from the post by scootermod125 who posted this yesterday...

"**Search for "50550144" on the Woolworths site**

Was: £139.00

Save: £94.01 (68%)

Now: £44.99"

Now it may be early in the morning and I've not woken up but I cannot see how the price is any different to what you've posted myself. In anycase if you thought it was cheaper why not update that post seeing it is so new?

Wow bargain price - I got this on one of the previous deals - shame it's cheaper now cos I could have done with saving some more money!

HOwever, my kids love this bouncy castle and I find it easy to put away after use, though I don't try to put it back in the bag, as it's out again the next day.

If you do buy this bouncy castle - make sure you bang the guide ropes right into the ground! Larger kids can bounce the pegs out - and the castle bounces up and slides around a bit. Though it is no problem with the pegs knocked right into the ground!

We love it!

that is a very good deal

This product is not currently available. Please check back later


Is the most posted item?Posted 1 day ago here … Is the most posted item?Posted 1 day ago here weeks ago here weeks ago here but spammed from me.

With a saving of at least £5 it was worth a new post

They had them in Milton Keynes store on bank holiday monday. This store is a clearance store so you will probably find them in all of the clearance stores.
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