Mega Interactive Puzzle. Hello Kitty, Ben 10 or Sponge Bob £7.99 from 17th @ Lidl

Mega Interactive Puzzle. Hello Kitty, Ben 10 or Sponge Bob £7.99 from 17th @ Lidl

Found 10th Dec 2012
A fun way to learn shapes and colours
Piece the mat together and answer questions using the electronic pen. Suitable from age 4 +
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Does anyone know how to activate the quiz on this puzzle once it has been put together? I place the hello kitty character on the black flowers but it only makes musical sounds, no questions.

From a confused mummy :-)
We are just as confused....
We worked it out.. finally. You have to ask the child a question, e.g. what shape is the sun? What colour is the bird? The Hello Kitty character makes a certain noise if it is placed on correct shape/colour and a different noise if it is placed on the incorrect shape/colour.
Thank you Charlotte2013! Been stumped for a while.
Thank you, charlotte2013, its been confusing but now sorted thanks to u
Glad to be of help :-) It is a great puzzle, but some instructions in the box would have been useful. xx
I have also been struggling with the Spiderman Version . . And am I right thinking you just make up the questions yourself then ?
Hi Hargy68,

I have also recently purchased the Spiderman version. It is slightly different to the Hello Kitty one.

With the Spiderman version, once the puzzle has been pieced together and the shapes have been inserted, you still have to ask a question. The difference being, is you have to ask which coloured picture on the puzzle matches up to the plain coloured outline on the shaped pieces. E.g. The square piece, you could ask, 'Which Spiderman shape would fit the shadow? The one with his arms stretched out or the one with Spiderman crutching down?'. Then put the electronic pen on the black dot near the correct coloured shape. The correct one will play a tune, the incorrect one is silent.

I'm not very good at explaining things, so if the above isn't too clear, please feel free to message again :-)

Have fun! x
Thank you all so much!!!! Bought the spiderman puzzle for my nephew & we thought pen wasn't working....thought the puzzle asked the questions duhhhhh it would have helped though if there'd been some instructions thanks again
we have just got the spongebob interactive puzzle an we have no idea im guessing we have to ask questions but any further help may help a lot many thanks in advance
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