Mega monster energy drink 553ml 79p at Home Bargains

Mega monster energy drink 553ml 79p at Home Bargains

Found 27th Jun 2016
larger orginial monster energy drink for 79p has the lid on it from Home Bargins

also have the other flavours for 69p at the normal sizes

and relentless and 3 for £1
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Why COLD ?

Why COLD ?

79p to wreck your insides is not really a deal.
stuff tastes like bleach it's the worst of energy drinks imo.
Not in my Home Bargains. They have the normal 500ml can and that's £1.00
£6.99 for 12 at Costco.
ah that sweet sweet monster. who could deny that nectar which gets you ready to go and then some. nothing is better than the crack of the pin and that juicy, flavoursome first sip. that first sip is what it's all about. I agree with you that perhaps the energy is too much for many but if you could bottle the experience of that first sip you'd be a damn millionaire my friend. for those of you on a health kick: monster zero, monster ultra and the ultra variants are all zero calorie and zero sugar, and they just happen to be my favourites! their rehab can is an ice tea energy concoction which is at least worth a try! god I do love a monster after a hard morning's work. life is about the little things, and why not make those little things large.

heat from me!
There's one called pussy! !!
I like Monster, but only have the small 60p cans from Tesco. Too much sugar in large cans

There's one called pussy! !!

​Yh, there sure is, I get it a lot
redditch home bargins i found it
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