Megaman BR0711i Ingenium GU10 Spot Bulb 11W Warm White £4.24 @ Amazon

Megaman BR0711i Ingenium GU10 Spot Bulb 11W Warm White £4.24 @ Amazon

Found 21st Oct 2009
Energy saving GU10 bulbs are a great way to help save you money by cutting the costs of your electricity bills as well as a saving in purchases of replacement halogen bulbs due to them having an average 15,000 hours life and lasting over 7 times longer than a standard halogen bulb. Warm White matches the colour of a standard halogen bulb and this bulb is ideal for use in Spotlights and Spot Lamps.
Energy saving lightbulbs have always been a bright idea - for your pocket and the environment. They use up to 80 per cent less electricity than a standard bulb, but produce the same amount of light. In other words, they can help you to save money and energy, all in one wise purchase. And by saving energy, you'll be helping to fight climate change too.
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I have ten of these in my kitchen which replaced ten 50 watt bulbs so do the maths
10x50watts= 500 watts an hour V 10x11watts=110watts an hour
These bulbs are usually twice the price of £4.24 so I consider them to be a bargain. They wont suit everybody as they take a few minutes to warm up to full light and if people are looking for a straight swap gu10 bulbs these Megaman bulbs have a longer body so will protrude from most downlight fittings so people dont like the look of them.
They take a while to warm up, stick out of the light fittings and probably can't be used with dimmers.................Im off to buy a dozen then.

Good deal though. Good saving.
Sylvania (which I've heard of, as opposed to Megaman; whom I haven't) 7, 9 or 11w ones are available from ]Toolstation for £3.94 each (inc. VAT) with free delivery when you spend over £10.
I got 10 of these for different light fittings in the house about 14 months ago, cost about 8 quid each then but I thought I would save money eventually compared to the 50w ones. 6 of them have already failed so I have gone back the the 50w ones and stuff to saving the planet:x

I emailed the company but they were not interested at all.
GE branded normally In tescos for 5.00£ for 2. Normally BOGOf, giving you a price of 2.50£ each:roll:
expired now £9.70
Not now in stock but believe you can still pre order them at the same price.
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