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Posted 20 May 2023

Meguiar's G12664EU NXT Generation Car Wash 1.8L for hard water areas & pH balanced - £16.39 @ Amazon

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Lovely stuff this, can vouch that this is one of their better products, especialy if you live in an area like mine with horrible water.
Rarely goes cheaper than this (post-inflation rates) but is a damn sight cheaper than Halfrauds (jokes aside, I quite like their stuff and they do decent deals at times)!

Here's some official blurb:

  • Xtreme sudsing car shampoo
  • Ph balanced car wash formula emulsifies dirt and grime.
  • A car shampoo that won't strip off wax protection.
  • A car wash that is gentle on all painted finishes.
  • Perfect for hard water area's with added softeners
  • Larger 1.8 Litre bottle

Technical Details:

  • Manufacturer ‎Meguiar's Car Care Products
  • Brand ‎Meguiars Model ‎G12664EU
  • Product Dimensions ‎3 x 10 x 25 cm; 1.89 Kilograms
  • Item model number ‎ME G12664
  • Manufacturer part number ‎ME G12664
  • Special Features ‎PH Neutral
  • Item Weight ‎1.89 kg

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Added by @cyberbabenilorac

From the manufacturerSafe Car Washing with the Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash4138280_1.jpg
Use a premium pH neutral car wash
  • Xtreme sudsing car shampoo p
  • H balanced car wash formula emulsifies dirt and grime

Use a Grit Guard
  • The grit guard significantly reduces inflicting fine scratches and swirls into your paint
  • It does this by trapping dirt and debris at the bottom of the bucket

Use two buckets
Use bucket 1 to rinse and clean your wash mittThen, use bucket 2 to reload your wash mitt with suds from your shampoo to wash the next part of the car4138280_1.jpg
Use a Wash Mitt
  • Super absorbent microfiber carries more suds, for faster, safer washing
  • Incredibly soft microfiber lifts and traps dirt and grime for scratch-free performance
Amazon More details at

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  1. Bella_Ciao's avatar
    Currently using Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax, which is almost over. Is this better than Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax ?
    WHUFC2021's avatar
    I use both and find both are equally got as each other.Mainly use the ultimate wash and wax down to the extra top up of wax on the car after every wash.
    The plus with the nxt it does sud up well.
  2. smudgyboy's avatar
    Bilt Hamber Auto Wash is the one I use in a hard water area.
    i use 5ml in a large bucket, doesn’t remove previous wax and the dirt just runs off
    Pree_Pree's avatar
    I used Bilt Hamber auto foam snow foam. Brilliant stuff.
  3. nothingmuch's avatar
    How many washes can you get out of this?
    MadeDixonsCry's avatar
    Absolutely loads. Only two capfuls required for a bucket. (edited)
  4. AndrewMS3's avatar
    I have never used anything but water - whatever it is. I was always led the believe plenty of fresh water only is required especially when it comes to new cars/freshly painted cas. It strengthens the paint work. Hose down/jet spray to loosen debri, mitten fresh water and final rinse water.
    Modmedia's avatar
  5. tonymgx's avatar
    I rate this one highly, though the gold one I like using the most. Hard water area here too, and this does help
  6. NAT14's avatar
    £15.57 Thank you
  7. Type_R's avatar
    Smells lovely too!
  8. FlangeNut123's avatar
    Love this stuff, used it for a few years now. Mrs freaks out a bit at the price but as I point out that one bottle lasts me a year. I use a couple of glugs in a bucket. Two buckets, grit guard. Finish off with a Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Towel and a spray of Megs quick detailer. Hot! (edited)
  9. Tank12345's avatar
    • Perfect for hard water area's with added softeners

    To make your car paintwork lovely and soft
  10. irradiated's avatar
    i use the gold class but im running low, i live in a soft water area so would this stuff still soap up ok or stick with the gold class which is a little more expensive
    magnavox72's avatar
    This is good and will work well, but having tried both I preferred the gold.
  11. Deal_HUNT3R's avatar
    This and the gold class have shot up in price. Used be 10 to 12 quid a bottle. Gold is now over 20.
    irradiated's avatar
    i paid 13.90 jan 22 for the gold class, 19.99 now, seems slightly more than inflation
  12. FunkiestMonkey's avatar
    I wonder how much to dilute if spraying with a foam wash. I like to do that then wash with a lambswool mitt. quicker
    FlangeNut123's avatar
    I thought the whole point of foam was you didn't have to wash the car manually. Just spray with foam, leave a bit, and then rinse off.
    I dare say you won't need much. I take ages washing our car and when I'm finished the water is still full of suds.
  13. utkarsh27's avatar
    Can this be used in a foam gun ?
  14. ash1eigh's avatar
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