Meguiars Ultimate Compound + Polish + Liquid Wax £40 @ Halfords

Meguiars Ultimate Compound + Polish + Liquid Wax £40 @ Halfords

Found 17th Oct 2017
I've used these products for a 3 stage paint correction process a few times now and they work really well. Separately you are looking at about £60, hence the original RRP. For £40 it's excellent value, and 3 applicator pads are included too which is nice bonus. Free delivery is offered as this meets the £40 spend requirement. And don't forget 3.15% TCB.
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Received a freebie from Meguiars, very good product an at this price it's even better!
hahaha I got a trade account look what it tries charging me

Total to pay £51.00
One for the car lovers.
This was £50 recently for the box. I bought them individually in the three for two. Price hike to give 20% off? Who cares still saving at least a tenner. This stuff is ace. Took a right crappy looking 14 year old scratched and patched car back to pretty much showroom condition. Took some time but well worth it, also made the money back and then some.

Heated. Thanks.
A kit like this is on spares for less at £34:00 not sure if it's the same one.
Has Meguiars shot up in price in recent years to make this a good price?

Don't get me wrong I had great results with the Meguiars 3 step products about 3 years ago - paint restore, polish, wax, but pretty sure in Halfords 3 for 2 offer paid less than £20 for the 3 bottles, then a few quid more for the applicators and some cloths.

Put the elbow grease in and you can get some fantastic results. What surprised me most the first time using these was the visible improvement with each stage - did the paint restore and impressed at removing swirls in the paint and the shine on the car. Then started apply the polish and immediately saw the improvement in that section, then after with the wax bring out the shine even more.
Bought, just about to put my car up for sale so should make it look a bit more attractive.
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