Meguiars ultimate paint kit 36£ (60£ RRP) @ halfords

Meguiars ultimate paint kit 36£ (60£ RRP) @ halfords

Found 28th Dec 2017
This meguiars ultimate paint kit contains compound, polish,wax and applicators . It will help to revive your cars body work with 3 simple stages. The kit 60 £ RRP was on offer 40 £ now reduced to 36 £ .

Meguiars Ultimate Paint Kit
The Meguiars Ultimate Paint Kit is a three step process to enable you to achieve a fantastic glossy finish for your paint.

Step 1 - Meguiar's Ultimate Compound enables you to remove stubborn oxidation, stains, bird dropping blemishes and other sub-surface defects such as swirls and minro scratches while polishing the surface to a mirror finish. Unlike traditional rubbing and polishing compounds that scour the surface, our clear coat safe micro-abrasive produces an amazingly clear finish that is free fromscratches, hazing and swirls.

Step 2 - Meguiar's Ultimate Polish is the second step in the process. The Polish provides fantastic gloss, reflectivity and a deep rich wet look through the use of rich polishing oils. Apply with the Meguiar's Even Coat Applicator in the kit.

Step 3 - Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is our most advanced, pure synthetic hydrophobic wax which offers our longest lasting protection. Synthetic polymers crosslink to form a protective barrier that amplifies reflections for incredible depth & mirror-like shine, without leaving white residue on plasticand rubber.
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£30.60 if you have a trade card
ianjones322 m ago

£30.60 if you have a trade card

Yeah forgot about trade card. Thanks mate :-)
Cold - must take ages
Heat added ignore the cold voter he doesn't understand
The wax alone is £30
shame I cant post pictures (photobucket = no no)
I did my car with the Ultimate wax on 14th Dec, took just under 2 hours in the cold, but the finish (black paint) on a 19yr old car = amazing!
Meg's = The good stuff
Hot from me..
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