Meizu EP51 Bluetooth Sport Headphone ~£23.06 @GearBest

Meizu EP51 Bluetooth Sport Headphone ~£23.06 @GearBest

Found 29th Aug 2016
Saw this mentioned here:…ext and apparently it's not too shabby for what it is. I'm not interested as I'm perfectly content with wired earphones and living a sedentary lifestyle, but for people who are out and about and living it large, it might be something worth considering.
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Don't, I went off and bought these after that article as well. Turns out they are rubbish for when you are running. Didn't stay in.

For weights workout, yeah why not but any fast movement and they just drop out.

Not a bad price but I suggest looking elsewhere.
The ones with an inline volume control and buttons will tug on that side's ear, they're not a good design
Bought mine off the back of this article too

Turns out you can listen to music when not exercising which suits me fine

But the website price and the actual price taking into account currency and PayPal conversion makes it a few quid more than the advertised price
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