Mel Gibson Collection: 7DVD Box Set £9.99 delivered @ HMV
Mel Gibson Collection: 7DVD Box Set £9.99 delivered @ HMV

Mel Gibson Collection: 7DVD Box Set £9.99 delivered @ HMV

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Mad Max (1979): On a remote stretch of deserted highway, a band of violent bikers has taken over, attacking anyone unlucky enough to cross their savage path. Racing up and down the seemingly endless miles of asphalt, the crazed outlaws blaze through small towns, plowing into vehicles and pedestrians alike with reckless abandon. Bringing a sense of law to this lawlessness are the mobile police force, led by Max and Goose, who are as fast and mean as their adversaries and are willing to do whatever it takes to cut the enemy down.

Lethal Weapon (1987): Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) is no ordinary cop. He's a Mad Max gone maniacal, a man whose killing expertise and suicidal recklessness make him a Lethal Weapon to anyone he works against. Or with.

Tequila Sunrise (1988): Lifelong friends, one a supposedly retired drug dealer, the other a fast-rising L.A. cop, are forced to confront each other, both in business and in vying for the affections of a sleek restaurant owner. Directed by the scriptwriter everyone wanted to work with in the 70s, Robert Towne (Chinatown).

Maverick (1994): Ante up for laughter and action aplenty! Mel Gibson is sly gambler Bret Maverick, Jodie Foster is a charming scam artist and James Garner is a laid back lawman in Maverick, the crowd-pleasing hit that deals you a winning hand.

Conspiracy Theory (1997): New York cab driver and conspiracy buff Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson) knows about the secret movers, shakers and assassins who really control things. Trying to put Justice Department attorney Alice Sutton (Julia Roberts) in the know, he's run out of her of office. Soon both will run for their lives. The two stars conspire for suspense, romance and twists that click like a rush-hour taximeter.

Payback (1999): Porter makes his living outside the law. So when his partners in a heist rip off his $70,000 share and leave him for dead, there's only one way for Porter to settle things: his way. And that sends him on a vendetta that will have a lot of lowlifes gaping at the talking end of Porters fat revolver. Crooked cops, street gangs, spineless flyspecks, crime bosses, anyone and everyone standing between Porter and his 70 grand are going to know he's back, with a vengeance.

Forever Young (1992): It's 1939 and test pilot Daniel McCormick (Mel Gibson) has the world by the tail. He has a terrific job flying B-25s, a devoted soul mate (Isabel Glasser) and a long time pal and confidant (George Wendt). In fact, he has everything. Almost. Despite his ability to confront danger, he can't look his girlfriend in the face and propose. He always decides to wait till tomorrow to pop the question, but in one terrible instant he runs out of tomorrows. Tragedy takes his sweetheart away.

Unwilling to face life alone, Daniel volunteers for a top-secret cryogenics experiment. He reawakens in 1992, lost and out of step. But through a friendship with a fatherless boy (Elijah Wood) and the boy's mother (Jamie Lee Curtis), Daniel learns that time waits for no man. But true love waits forever. Share the magic of Forever Young, a romantic adventure about courage, taking risks, seizing the moment - and getting one more chance.


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already posted … already posted :-)http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/661655/mel-gibson-collection-7-films-asda-

How is £11.93 @ Asda anything like £9.99 @ HMV?

5% Quidco too


How is £11.93 @ Asda anything like £9.99 @ HMV?

I'd posted the HMV offer on that thread 3 days ago :-)


Has anyone received this / Just wondering how the dvds come - are they in individual thin cases ?

Aceness, seven poo films with a racisit drink driver in them, I'll get them for the kids, i think.:thumbsup:

I wouldn't take this box set for free, he is an awful actor (in fact Trades Description should charge him for daring to call himself an actor) lol.

Agreed, he is an absolutely shocking actor - how he got away with his performance in Conspiracy Theory is beyond me; he's one of those actors where you can kind of see him acting, i.e. instead of being immersed in a believable part, you are constantly aware of watching someone trying to act.

And he is an anti-semitic twit too.

Edge of Darkness says it all, he is the worst over actor there is.

best actor ever?
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