Melitta Caffeo Bistro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine £399.99 @ Amazon

Melitta Caffeo Bistro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine £399.99 @ Amazon

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Found 15th May 2015
Only really for the coffee lover, who wants a good bean to cup machine.
This is widely regarded as the best 'bean to cup' coffee machine in its price bracket- beating the De'longhi's etc substantially in build quality and temp/ quality of coffee it turns out.
This is normally around £600- ebay have them on for over £500. They were £600 on Amazon not so long ago.
Yes its a lot for a coffee machine, but its a veritable bargain for what you get and the huge price drop. It has two bean hoppers on it, and a professional standard whisk for milk frothing that can be pulled off and put in the dishwasher. The machine itself self cleans.So its dead easy to make your coffee and no time consuming cleaning up after. Great when you want to get off in the morning.
Unlike many of these home bean to cup machines, this German engineered machine actually makes very hot coffee and you can dispense proper 'long' coffees like Americano up to 220ml- unlike most of the others which just do espresso shot size.
So rather than getting my almost daily Starbucks on a morning I am switching to just pressing a few buttons on this and letting it produce my brew from freshly ground beans, and this will probably taste better with some good quality beans. I spend far too much money in coffee shops, but that is now ending.
Not sure why, but I only paid £379.99 as got a £20 discount on checkout- maybe my student discount.
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If only I had £400 to spend on a coffee machine when I was a student

Good deal
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I have this machine, its very good
For £400, i would expect it to massage my nutsack whilst delivering the perfect crema.

By nutsack, i mean pouch of beans.
Great! Was looking for one for my office and this fits the bill nicely.
I wonder what made them to pick on De'longhi as a culprit? Why De'longhi, not i.e. Jura or Gaggia? Silly really. Surely for 400 you can pick something as nice and with only 11 reviews (even positive) I would take it with a pinch of salt. Not voted either way.
Tempted! Currently using a Delonghi picked up used for £50. It's been going strong, in daily use for more than 2 years now. But this one looks to be in a class above. Must resist, must resist...
Shame most of the 'facts' are wrong.

De'longhi's can do coffee up to the temperature it should be, for some reason they are set low from the factory and as per usual nowadays most people seem incapable of reading the instructions.

You don't froth milk with a whisk for God's sake, you use surf the milk with steam!

Again, you don't make long coffees by putting more water through the grounds as that just spoils the taste by adding unwanted flavours, you add direct hot water ...which a De'longhi can do.

They also self clean just the same!

This may well be made to a better standard but I don't know about that
I bought one of these when it was a crazy £200, I waited three months for it and actually forgot about it until it arrived just before xmas.

Honestly its the best and most simple Coffee machine I have used, 10 x better than my entry level Gaggia. The biggest benefit is how easy it is to clean and the savings you make on pods. Only downside is that if use two different types of beans (e.g. Decaff) in the compartments, you have to waste a bit to clear the pipes. I personally just fill both up with the same beans.

I thoroughly recommend it if you are looking at this price level.
Big1an- De'longhis on the lower price price range can have heat problems- see reviews on Amazon. As to putting more water through, I think the point is this one grinds more beans the more water used. As to milk frother, its steam with a whisk and German equivalent if Which said it had the best milk frother. Suggest you read the review on Amazon by the purchaser who has this and the Delonghi machines.
It's been this price for a while. Seems reasonable. Was tempted but was waiting for price drop but it hasn't happened. Camelcamel shows it was £200 previously as someone mentions above. Now THAT was a deal.
The £200 was incredible and I read it was an error, not sure if true, but looking at Camelcamelcamel it seems like it was as it was for about a day only and it was half the price of the next best price. The current price is the best price aside from that blip. If you took advantage of that as someone did above, well done, but it was an error I think and doubt it will drop to that again.
All in Japanese, Korean or Chinese (excuse my ignorance), but this is the best video I've seen of the machine working.…S2k
This one Dutch or Swedish? I think he likes it:…7JQ
Well I got it and am using it- perfectly designed and very high quality, easy to use, turns out lovely coffee, no fuss. Milk frother is also best I have seen- heats milk in about 30 secs to a minute (compared to taking up to 5 mins on lesser home machines), unclip, rinse under tap, 10 second job, no need to flush with water, whipe down etc. Highly recommended.
Down to £339.15 now - black only. Silver still £399.99…LK/
Absolute bargain now at £339.15- thanks for letting us know, I have got the difference back from Amazon.
bought the silver one and it was delivered on tuesday. i had a text chat today with customer service about the price drop and they are refunding £58. result. the machine was worth it at 399, moved my gaggia on and more than impressed with this.
Hoes e coffee guys? Thinking of getting this

Hoes e coffee guys? Thinking of getting this

Its brill

Its brill

Thanks wakeywarrior, I ordered the gourmet model from for £350, arrives Monday, can't wait! (The price differences across Europe for the same electrical items are crazy)…LCG
If anyone is still looking for this, you can get the model up (gourmet) from for £348 delivered…141
Update- as its still available at this price and people are still giving the thread heat. The machine is rock solid and simply brilliant- one of the best purchases I have ever made. Recently went on holiday and actually missed it! Havent been into Starbucks or Costa since (well maybe once or twice), and I used to go 3-5 times a week.
Update. My wife asked me why I was wasting over £300 on this when bought, I'd never use, yada yada. Use daily, every day as does my wife, she now loves it. Still performs flawlessly, definately one of the greatest gadgets to grace my threshold and there are lots of gadgets as my wife always tells me.
My delonghi bean to cup makes much better coffee.
I have used it every day for the last five years. Voting cold
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