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Melitta Easy Top Timer 1010-15, filter coffee machine with glass jug, programmable warming time, black stainless steel - £14.99 @ Amazon

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Price matching Currys

Clean visual aesthetics, compact design and a precise timer combine with strong productive capacity (1.25 Litres) to make the Melitta Easy-Top an excellent complement to kitchens in either home of office. This sturdy, space-efficient structure filters piping-hot, aromatic coffee into a clear, strong borosilicate glass jug, adorned with a thick, ergonomic handle of beautifully-brushed steel finish. Additional stainless steel features contrast elegantly with smooth black surfaces, a neatly-marked water chamber, and a bright screen through which timer and warming functions are managed. The drip-stop system ensures elegant coffee transfer and clean surroundings. A cable-storage compartment accommodates a variety of spacing needs, while detachable and machine washable elements encourage steady maintenance for a properly-functioning, long-lasting coffee machine.

Melitta: Pioneers of Coffee Industry Since 1908 Melitta has led the coffee industry since 1908, when founder Melitta Bentz made the world's first paper filter bags. Now 20 billion filter bags are used world-wide on a yearly basis, and this conscientious German organisation continues to lead the way in coffee-related innovation.

From the best filter makers and fully automatic bean-to-cup machines to useful accessories for the pour-over hand-filtration method, the Melitta brand continues to design and retail coffee products of the utmost quality.

At a glance:

  • Exceptionally flavoured coffee from innovative Melitta machine
  • Water container with cup markings for 10 large cups (125 ml) or 15 small cups (85 ml)
  • Optimum brewing temperature with coffee kept warm for 30 minutes thanks to strong glass pot
  • Drip stop pouring system for cleanliness
  • Compatible with size 1 x 4 filters
  • Stainless steel elements on filter basket and handle
  • Compact design with integrated cable storage
  • Energy-efficient with 1050W and automatic stop system, Designed in Germany

Practical Timer Feature The timer feature with LED display gives you coffee enjoyment when you want it. Programme a time for your coffee machine to start brewing and allow yourself to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. The appliance switches on automatically at the time you set.

  • Wake up with a cup of smooth, aromatic coffee from the top rated coffee makers, Water container with cup markings for 10 large cups (125 ml) or 15 small cups (85 ml)
  • Exceptional flavour: Optimum brewing temperature, Keeps coffee warm for 30 minutes, Coffee pot made of borosilicate glass
  • Drip stop system prevents drips, Compatible with size 1x4 filters, Coffee pot with cup markings for large/small cups, Stainless steel elements on filter basket and handle, Compact design, Cable storage
  • Detachable, dishwasher-safe swivel filter and coffee pot, Automatic stop, 1050W, Designed in Germany
  • Contents: 1x Melitta Easy Top Filter Coffee Machine, Black/Brushed Steel, 1010-04, 5 Melitta white coffee filters, Weight: 1.42 kg, Dimensions (HxWxD): 30 x 22 x 17.5 cm, Cable length: 80 cm

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Model Number: Melitta Easy Top Timer 1010-15
Official Melitta webpage (£34.98 on there): melitta.co.uk/pro…ck/

As of 5.20pm, 11th December: Usually dispatched within 1 to 4 weeks.4047872_1.jpgDownload Warranty conditions
Download Manual
4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpgSome Q&As:4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpgCheapest price ever on Keepa, keepa.com/
4047872_1.jpg(Price-matching Currys)
£14.99 Currys currys.co.uk/pro…tml

Google Shopping says, here
4047872_1.jpgAmazon reviews, sorted by variant, here
4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpg4047872_1.jpgMelitta UK has a more in-depth review:4047872_1.jpg
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Although it is more expensive, I would much prefer the one with insulated jar. But this is a good deal if it works for you. Voted hot!
    I have one with a thermos type jar, and I find that unless you put some boiling water in it (and then empty) before making a coffee, the brewed coffee is a bit colder.
  2. Avatar
    I've never used a filter coffee machine so forgive me for stupid noob questions... How often do you change filters? How much ground coffee does it require per pot? Can any ground coffee be used?
    You use a new filter every time you use it. They are paper disposable filters.
  3. Avatar
    No delivery till January
    When I ordered mine it said it would come in jan ... But turned up today. Pleasantly surprised!
  4. Avatar
    Ordered one the other day for the same price, also got the recommended filter but they still haven’t arrived. Does anyone know if I can use any type of filter from the supermarkets for this machine? Or does it have to be the 1-4 ones?? I have no clue but I’m desperate to try it out but no filters?!
    Mine arrived with 5 filters as Bier mentioned and I got some filters from Asda size 4 which seem to work fine
  5. Avatar
    Weird, there's another Deal post that says Amazon in the URL link (also £14.99) but the title and Deal link have been changed to Currys later down the line (don't think you're supposed to do that). hotukdeals.com/dea…266

    great-deals added a video which looks like it's this model (in French) - here's the Melitta UK one (though it doesn't have the Steel brewer, by the looks of it):
  6. Avatar
    Voted hot, would be good combined with the Martini glasses you just posted, so you can quickly recover the Morning after.... (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Bargain! Nice one @Frank30uk
  8. Avatar
    Insanely good price.

    Bought just for a present as and when we need one.

    Decent make, incredible price, couldn’t resist.
  9. Avatar
    repeat of the other deal, it never went away just "not in stock" or "delivery 1 to 4 weeks"...
  10. Avatar
    Bargain at this price
  11. Avatar
    Price-matching Currys, if anyone's missed it (just added price comparisons - also mentioned by the OP) currys.co.uk/pro…tml (edited)
    £4 postage from Currys
  12. Avatar
    Hotplate temp anyone know?
  13. Avatar
    Ordered 10 days ago for Jan delivery, it was delivered last Tuesday.
  14. Avatar
    I've got one of these available in Widnes if anyone wants it for same price. Brand new unopened, I have been told I've been bought a Nespresso for Christmas
  15. Avatar
    Why do you need to buy new filters. It says it has a reusable filter?
    It has a plastic filter but if you buy the paper unbleached ones the taste is cleaner.. so to speak.
  16. Avatar
    Cheers OP. Just ordered.
  17. Avatar
    Honestly regret buying this, the way it brews means most of the coffee gets wasted. French press is eons better in terms of taste
    Do you recommend a particular one ? I’ve been eyeing up the Coffee Gator
  18. Avatar
    Would this be any good for keeping mulled wine nice and warm/hot? (And not using the filter at all).
  19. Avatar
    Never understand why these type of coffee machines are limited to keeping coffee warm on hotplate for 30 mins? Surely that defeats the purpose?
    I would have considered one of these for my home office if I could have brewed a pot in the morning and used it to top up my caffeine intake over a few hours.
    (Yes, I know fresh coffee tastes better but just for my own use at home I would be satisfied drinking it over 1-2 hours).
    Fair enough man. I feel.the same. Probably a bit of a fire hazard or regulations that mean it classifies as something else.

    You basically need 4-5 people to drink a cup as soon as it is ready then like 15 mins later have another otherwise, like you said, it defeats the point.
  20. Avatar
    You'll spend a fortune on filter papers, says it takes size 1 x 4
  21. Avatar
    Good buy
  22. Avatar
    Still no sign of mine. It has been a week :-(
  23. Avatar
    Mine arrived a couple of days ago.