Posted 8 December 2022

Melitta 1011-16 LOOK Thermal Timer Filter Coffee Machine £35 at Argos

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Cheapest ever charged by Argos. £4 cheaper than it's ever been on Amazon, per CamelCamelCamel Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Insulated Jug, Timer Feature, Aroma Selector, Look Therm Timer Model, Black/Brushed Steel, 1011-16 | Amazon price tracker / tracking, Amazon price history charts, Amazon price watches, Amazon price drop alerts | camelcamelcamel.com

Time for extensive coffee enjoyment The Melitta LOOK Thermal Timer impresses with its practical Timer feature. The coffee is freshly brewed at the time you set. Allow yourself to be woken up by the seductive smell of fresh coffee or in the afternoon be reminded that it is time for your coffee break.

Melitta LOOK Therm Timer impresses with its practical timer feature. The coffee is freshly brewed at the time you set. Allow yourself to be woken up by the seductive aroma of fresh coffee or remind yourself of your afternoon coffee break.

Unbreakable insulated pot can be used with one hand This coffeemachine comes with an insulated pot made of double-walled, stainless steel and is unbreakable and shockproof. Thanks to the brew-through lid, the coffee flows into the insulated pot ready to serve. It can be used with one hand, which makes it really easy to pour your coffee.

With the AromaSelector you can set the taste of your coffee with just one touch – mild or strong. So that you can always enjoy your favourite coffee just the way you like it, a strong pick-me-up in the morning and a gentle feel good coffee in the afternoon. The AromaSelector ensures you constantly get the best taste.

  • Water capacity 1.25 litres.
  • Water gauge.
  • Keep warm function.
  • Auto shut-off after 15 minutes.
  • Digital display.
  • Uses disposable filters - a hygienic option which will also save on cleaning.
  • Size 4 filters required.
  • Timer.
  • 24 hour programmable timer.
  • Makes a maximum of 15 cups.
General information

  • Model number: 1011-16.
  • Size H35.7, W23, D22cm.
  • Power output 1000 watts.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 4006508212644.
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  1. Avatar
    Same price at amazon, guess they price matched it.
    Nice. Ordered from Amazon
  2. Avatar
    Crazy price. These machines are beautifully designed and made. The carafe keeps coffee warm and drinkable for ages. Great to come down in the morning and find a freshly brewed pot of coffee ready to drink.

    We actually got ours from a charity shop for £15 but this is a great deal if you like filter coffee. We use ours with a reusable filter that we had with a previous (different make) machine, so don't even have to buy paper filters.
    Totally agree. One of the best out there for this price.
  3. Avatar
    Brilliant machine, really smart design features and very energy efficient. Oh not to mention that it makes a great coffee which you have control over the strength and intensity of the brew. I'd highly recommend this machine. Great coffee at the time you want with the handy timer function.
  4. Avatar
    Great little machine, got one around 3 years ago (Hot UK Deal) I too use it with a reusable filter, every now and again need to give it a dose thru with white vinegar as in a very hard water area. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Makes sense, bought last week for £50! Great machine though and no regrets
  6. Avatar
    Good machines this will be my third one, they start playing up around 1 year - 18 months, First one i didn’t decalc it once and it stopped working after 1 year, 2nd one i de scaled it regularly and it still stopped working around 18 months, id say your be lucky if this last 2 years max but still worth it as makes great coffee and is sitting waiting for you when you wake up, stays warm for 2 hours as well.
    What if you use only filtered water in it? I ask because our water here is so hard we have 3 taps, hot cold and calcium powder I think.
  7. Avatar
    Thanks op. Ordered from Amazon. Heat. Been looking at this one for £50 so this is a very good deal.

    Which? Magazine best buy and good reviews generally.
  8. Avatar
    We have had one for 4+ years since the Porsch-Siemens one finally gave up the ghost -regular treatment with citric acid to descale (had 2 of the P-S in the basement which were for parts and my wife threw them out rather than going for spares...). My son also bought one, for a similar price to this. I have just bought him one with a grinder on top for £100 more (his Xmas present as he likes to buy beans).

    And another point- why is it £90 for a grinder with a hot plate/glass jug but £160 for a thermal jug (Mellita site)? Electronics must be much easier for the latter. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    I have an older version of this - had it about 8 years.

    The thermal jug is so much better than a hot plate. The coffee is still warm and drinkable after 2 hours. Even longer if you pre-warm the jug.
  10. Avatar
    Best place to buy filters please ?
    I found 40 for £1.20 in tesco, don't know if that's good or bad but it felt cheap.
  11. Avatar
    Any recommendations for permanent filters? I bought this one from philips but isn't compatible because it's round while the paper filter holder isn't: philips.co.uk/c-p…ter
    This works fine (but now about £5 more expensive than when I bought it 2 years ago) amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1
  12. Avatar
    Still using the same one now for 4 years . i always descale when red light comes on . I live in a hard water area and no problems. I brew at 8 am and coffee is still hot at 6pm . Never had a filter machine that lasted this long and good quality. I did purchase another as price was excellent and also model is going up in price . Just use a dishwasher tablet in the pot along with boiling water to bring the inside of the jug like new .
  13. Avatar
    I bought it on Amazon for £50 last week. So far I'm pleased of this coffee machine.
    As the price dropped even more (to £35) I ordered another one and will return it right away (the first order )
  14. Avatar
    Mine arrived today and have tested it. Very easy to use and made very good coffee. Extremely happy with the purchase at 35 quid
  15. Avatar
    Expired. £62.50 now.