Melitta Permanent Padfilter Senseo @ Amazon sold by GLM SPARES £3.98 delivered

Melitta Permanent Padfilter Senseo @ Amazon sold by GLM SPARES £3.98 delivered

Found 9th Feb 2014
Couldn't see this posted before.
Has good reviews on Amazon so I've ordered one for my daughter to try.

Product Description
Use the coffee of your choice in your pod machine to make a delicious coffee with Crema.

The Melitta Pad Filter is durable, refillable and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

With the Pad Filter you can make one cup of coffee using the double pod holder of your pod machine.
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Well that's informative.
Can use a coffee filter paper, or kitchen roll for good cuppa.

Or I have coffee duck too...

Tesco have mug size pads 20 for 2.04 at my local


You must be doing something wrong, like overfilling??
I think they are great.
Looks like you could save alot of money with one of these, heat added!
I brought these for my parents machine and they love them, saves them a fortune on the pads which are becoming increasingly more difficult to get hold of. This is a great price, I paid about £8 for mine just a couple of weeks back.
Heat given. If I didn't have the Coffeeduck I'd be buying these pronto.
These are really good and IMHO better than Coffee Duck. Go buy!

You can buy a few and fill up for the week...

As common sense would dictate, don't overfill or use superfine powdery coffee or will block machine...
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like all those deals you've posted? Oh wait.... you haven't.... (_;)


Go and drag your knuckles someplace else chum, your ignorance suggests you struggle to make coffee yourself and I bet you think Starbucks is a place of witchcraft and wizardry!

For those interested,I have recently got into the 'coffee pad machine' game and will happily report my findings instead of monosyllabic troll speak.

I own 2 x Phillips Senseo machines and I own these pad filters and also a coffee duck and i prefer these as they hold the coffee a bit more securely than a coffee duck but dont let that put you off a coffee duck as they do the job very well.

As previous advice suggests, do not allow coffee to touch the edges and my piece of advice is only gently tap the coffee into place dont press too hard as this will sometimes block the water as there is not much pressure in these machines

I also buy coffee pods for when i am in a rush in the morning and i get them from Lidl as they have Kenyan, Columbian and Brazillian pods for about £2 and they are more than fine.

Hope this helps anyone in their choice to buy and heat added
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Have these and a coffee duck, I prefer this. Less messy. Tempted to get some spares.



These are great.Bought two weeks ago for £5 so has gone down in price.Used it with Taylors of Harrogate Espresso coffee I picked up from tesco clearance for £1.74.Fill it up with 2 teaspoons of coffee and use the 2 cup button for a superb cup of coffee
Anyone know if this fits the Quadrante 7863/80 ?
From what I can see, there's later models of this which fit the Quadrante, but unclear as to if this is it.
I have this - it is great. And I just ordered another for my parents from fleabay for £6 delivered, so a good deal too. Hot.
How weird I ordered these yesterday but I thought that was the normal price, am glad it is a bargain. Have only just bought my Senseo and made the mistake of buying the pods in Sainsburys - very pricey!

Anyone know if this fits the Quadrante 7863/80 ?

Hi I bought some of these and they didn't fit my machine, I have a quadrante
I have emailed the vendor and he responded within the hour tonight I asked which model these fitted , response was packet says hd7800 - hd7814. Mine is the 7811, so assumption is it will fit. Says if it doesn't it can be returned. Hope this helps clarify.
Thanks!, thought id just found a very cheap graphics card from the thumbnail pic!




I have been having probs getting the coffee duck 'right' so any other recommendations for ground coffee that works well in a Senseo gratefully received..
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