MEMEASY SOS Flashing Repair Tape £4.99 @ Lidl

MEMEASY SOS Flashing Repair Tape £4.99 @ Lidl

Found 13th Apr 2015
From the 20th.

Bituminous tape for sealing both indoor & outdoor objects

10m x 7.5cm
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actually thought it flashed for a minute then,whoops.
Me too!
"From the 20th" and "Flashing repair" made me think of another merciless attack from Ming.
Haha me to I was like no way. Flashing tape?
'arry maskers!
Ok I thought it flashed too! Heat for fooling me
what it don't flash??
Dang that would have been some fancy tape.
Is this just duct tape?

Is this just duct tape?

no its quite thick and is used for patching gutters, lead or flat roofs etc. stick down apply heat and that's it done
This stuff is also good for sound deadening. Modern cars use composite butyl sound deadening rather than bitumen based because metal cars can hit 50*C in the summer, causing the bitumen to cause a horrible smell and the adhesive to fail from the heat, but back in the day everyone with a modified stereo had their car loaded with this stuff..

Bitumen patches are still used to deaden thin metal washing machine side panels. This tape would work for that (I've also used it on a metal pedal bin to stop the lid clanging and under my metal sink + draining board). You dont need to cover the entire panel, just patch it on to reduce the resonance of the panel. Only 25% coverage is required.

Same goes for modern day sound deadening - people use far too much Dynomat - you need scraps of it placed on large expanses of sheet metal. It is not designed to block sound, it's designed to reduce resonance. for blocking sound you need a perfect barrier of mass loaded vinyl, decoupled from panels using closed cell foam sheets.
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