Memory Foam Double Mattress - £299 (MISPRICE?)

Memory Foam Double Mattress - £299 (MISPRICE?)

Found 28th Dec 2006
From the leaders in quality sleep products for over 30 years…
This state-of-the-art mattress uses temperature responsive, slow recovery ‘memory’ foam which contours to the natural shape and weight of your body to ensure the best possible sleep support and comfort from head to toe.
Slow recovery ‘memory’ foam
Conforms to your body shape
Open-celled and breathable
Temperature sensitive
Reduces pressure points that cause sleep discomfort

The cheapest I found this mattress elsewhere was £399, and the small double at bedworld is £399, so I think this may be a misprice. Unfortunately the buggers don't deliver to Northern Ireland.

More details on this mattress here:…tml


just checked other dealers and it is the same price there as well.

So how much are these normally?? How much are we saving??

I think the money about right on this one!

From the little research I did a few months back, the ones out of the packet like this one (vacuum packed) , aren't worth the money, as the thickest are about 18 cm thick.

I have a memory foam mattress (not the vacuum packed type), 25 cm thick, along with 2 pocket sprung, and I would rather go for a 1200-1500 pocket sprung anyday.

You will expect pay in the region of £400 for a double pocket.


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