Memory Foam Matress Toppers from £19.99 @ Netto

Memory Foam Matress Toppers from £19.99 @ Netto

Found 27th May 2010
Dream time Memory Foam Matress Toppers @ Netto
£19.99 Single Bed
£29.99 Double Bed
£39.99 King Size Bed

Bought a king size one today and unravelled it. Looks good quality and feels amazing. Not a half bad price for a memory foam topper.
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How thick is the topper?
I have two toppers a 7cm one on our main bed (king) which I think was about £160 and is great, I bought a cheaper one for our double in the spare room which I think is either 3 or 4 cm this bed is very old but this topper makes it comftable (ish) again I think that they are great. However be warned in the summer they can make you very warm
I would be interested to find out how thick these are, our current one is about 8cm but we have had it about 7 years and its not at its best anymore.

I agree about being warm in summer, but I'll put up with that over the backache I'd have without one.
I bought a double last time they had these - Fab quality, it about an inch thick. You could feel the springs in our mattress and this sorted the problem out totally, very comfy. I would advise going in as soon as it opens, our local didnt have any doubles left and then our other local didnt even get any doubles in .
we have had it about 7 years and its not at its best anymore.

So.....they lose their memory then.....
A mattress and its cover should breathe. Foam does not breathe so it gets hot and it does not disperse moisture. This makes the sleeper overheat and sweat. The sweat is not dispersed by the foam and the sleeper becomes wet. Some notice the problem more than others but even those that do not notice the problem should consider the health implications.
The one ive got is about 7 or 8cm thick. Not used it on the bed yet though, got to leave it to air for 72 hours first. Damn.
Could you tell me where is the nearest store close to Reigate please? Thank you
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