Memory Foam Pet Bed - 132cmL x 91cmsW x 20cm Deep (FT) - £159.95

Memory Foam Pet Bed - 132cmL x 91cmsW x 20cm Deep (FT) - £159.95

Found 6th Jan 2008
Memory Foam Pet Bed (20cm Deep)

This stunning pet product now brings the therapeutic comfort of memory foam to your pet.



Measures: 132cmL x 91cmsW x 20cms Deep
The amazing success of memory foam is due to it's unique body moulding properties (see additional picture)
This provides the most supportive and relaxing medium upon which to rest.
Pets, like their owners, suffer from discomfort while trying to sleep, constantly moving around searching for a comfortable position.
This can lead to aggravate arthritis and joint problems.
The problem with pets is that they can not tell you that they uncomfortable or in pain, so a good night's restis critical for their well-being.
The amazing properties of memory foam ensure full body support for a minimum of 5 years.
Depth of foam is 20cms
During this time, the slow recovery aspect ensures a bed like new time and time again.
The non-organic nature of the foam ensures than no unwanted guests will reside in your pet's bed.
The attractive zipped covers are easily removed for machine washing.
Colour as illustrated - BISCUIT (brown with black paws)
For spare covers please click on item below
OPTIONAL waterproof cover available - please choose from drop down menu
Please check you size carefully as returns can be costly

Please allow 48 hours for delivery if ordered before 12.00 noon (working days)



a memory foam pet bed??

people would buy anything these days :):)


OMG!!!!a memory foam pet bed??people would buy anything these days :):)

They should make them for them "reborn" babies!

YOU have got to be kidding me????
People it would seem have more
money than sense these days


This much money on a pet is ridiculous, voted cold!!!

Netto had one for £15ish a few weeks ago.

iv just bought a puppy resterday and can certainly say i wont be buying him one of these

Its costing enough getting everthing else sorted

Cold, cold, cold - It's a gimick!
Why on earth would they need a 20cm deep memory foam mattress for?
There are far cheaper alternatives, plus is there any clinical proof these mattress help dogs/cats?

Just got the £54 double bed for my son,no way would i pay this for my dog:whistling::whistling::whistling:

Ridiculous - just bought a new bed for our two dogs last night from Ebay, £27 delivered.
Voted cold.

Memory foam pet beds help with arthritis and other joint conditions, so there are generally more expensive than a cheap bed and worth the extra cost.
Although this is a bit too expensive!

What a joke!

LOL LOL LMFAO - this is ridiculous - i have a labrador and a cheap basket is fine with him - so shove the £160 where the sun dont shine :-D

hot hot hot just bought one for my manhood

strong contender or "worst deal for 2008" I know its early but I think we have a winner ;-)

thought this was a money saving site, whats wrong with some old towels in the corner of the garden under a woden crate for the dog.

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All these posts and not one single person has found the same product cheaper.

This site is about posting the cheapet price for products and not the rights and wrongs about the product.



They should make them for them "reborn" babies!

Now thats funny lol

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I settled for the 7cm from here only … I settled for the 7cm from here only £50

Yep the smaller ones are a lot cheaper, but I have a large German Shepard cross, he can take up to enough room as a single bed so the large mattress suits him perfectly.

I bought a memory foam mattress (single) for less than this.
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