!!!!! Memory foam pillows only £8.99 !!!!!!

!!!!! Memory foam pillows only £8.99 !!!!!!

Found 19th Jun 2008Made hot 20th Jun 2008
i picked up these memory foam pillows at home bargains and they were the cheapest ive seen at only £8.99

these are the normal shape and full size, and of very good quality

great deal i think

ive gt no pic, sorry


seems cheap, nice find


Great if you're in the north!

There's Home bargains in South Wales now too.

Partner bought 3 yesterday. They are heavy and solid and of good quality but need to be left to breathe as they pong of chemicals.

are these the contoured ones or the standard shaped ones?

And there are home bargains in the midlands!

Are these full size pillows? All the one's I've seen (not in Home Bargains) are always quite small.

good price. I bought a silent night one (normal shape) £19.99 from TJ hugues few weeks back and can't use it as it is too firm and big. Feels like i have 10 pillows under my head!! woke up with a sore neck not a better one. my partner said it needs to be broken in. He spent £50 on his so i kept swapping my for his but he started pulling it from under my head when i was asleep!! :giggle: so gave up and back to bog standard pillow. so before you take it out of packaging i suggest you test properly lying on your own bed. Same with beds never buy without lying on them. My partner and i were like goldilocks when we went round bed companies- best thing i have ever done though- recommend pocket sprung with memory foam.

There is a store finder on the site but I can't link to it directly.

This might work :-


I also suggest that you give it a smell first as well. I cannot remember if this was the same one, but I bought a 'memory' pillow once before. After getting it out of the bag, it stank with a very strong chemical smell. I tried airing it for a while before using it to sleep on, but it was awful. Got rid of it rather quickly.

You have been warned. This one posted may be ok, but check just in case.

the nearest shop is only 101.29 miles away :whistling:
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