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120GB Runcore Pro V SATA II mSATA SSD 50mm, £34.86 + delivery from £1.99 @ memoryc
Found 29th Sep 2014Found 29th Sep 2014
Please note that this 120 GB version is now sold out. However, there is 60GB version(SATA II) still in stock.… Read more

Out of stock, time to press the "Expired" button user_1.


Nothing a little cardboard a gaffer tape won't fix ;) (and maybe an old low profile heatsink for good measure).


X220 is SATA 3 on the hard drive port, better off putting a normal SSD in, also if you have a 3G card built in, like mine you cannot use an internal SATA 2 drive unless you take out the 3G card.


Well, actually that is a good idea as that way you basically get the versatility of having both although mSATA has been / is being replace by m2 slots. I would get an adapter which has the housing though so the drive with adapter looks like a normal 2.5" drive (preferably 7mm high too).


Cheers for the headsup..Fortunately the required adapter is only a couple of quid from China. And it saves me having to lose the DVD drive.

60GB Runcore Pro V mSATA SSD 50mm SATA III - £23.56 + Delivery from £1.99 @ memoryc
Found 29th Sep 2014Found 29th Sep 2014
RunCore Pro V mSATA interface solid-state drive adopts advanced SSD controller and NAND Flash chip, which delivering a affordable, high performance storage upgrade for recent mSATA… Read more

Now £47.10 for 60GB.


Mine has arrived in the post and they come with an adapter board to a regular SATA power and data connectors. See the runcore website for info on what comes with the drive and a picture of the adapter. Will be using mine as an SSD cache for my hard disc.


Afraid not, msata is different to sata you would need an adapter. I'd spend a little more and get a normal ssd.


Silly question but can you plug this in to using standard sata data and power cables?


Bit of a weird capacity, ain't it? I thought these were supposed to be like 32gb, 64gb, 128gb etc not 30, 60, 120?

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120GB RunCore Pro V mSATA SATA III 50mm SSD £40.63 @ Memory C
Found 20th Jun 2014Found 20th Jun 2014
I just noticed this while looking around for something else - it's a Sandforce chipset SSD and Runcore are fairly good as far as I'm aware. There's a review of it here: http://ww… Read more

Just like a normal SSD lol. it doesnt need to be msata for that.


Punters often assume that the manufacturer is the best place to deal with faulty products, understandably & it does seem like they could've been more helpful. However the manufacturer has no obligation to deal with the retail customer. You must contact the business you purchased the goods from. Brush up on your consumer rights first as you will find that you have redress for up to 6 years.


Surely it should be the supplier you purchased the drive from who deals with replacements under warranty?


after past experiences, i would NEVER ever buy a runcore drive. the one i had failed really early on in its life and when contacting them for a warranty replacement, i never received a reply by email at all. i chased them for over a year and send over 30+ emails, contacted every number on their site (most are foreign language ones that most wont understand). so i now have a drive sitting in my draw thats totally useless. i know quite a few other people with the same issues. just my two cents. not voting on this one though so i dont tip the balance.


What are that exactly? To the thicko

MemoryC - free UK delivery until November 20th
Found 14th Nov 2012Found 14th Nov 2012
MemoryC are offering free UK delivery on all online orders until 20th November, which is a saving on their normal price of £4.75. Not a massive saving, but it might help someone. … Read more

At a glance their prices look terrible, I think you'll be hard pushed to find a competitive deal even with free p+p

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OCZ OCZ-CXS500W-UK CoreXStream Series 500W Power Supply - £32.15 @ amazon
Found 9th Oct 2012Found 9th Oct 2012
The CoreXStream 500W Power Supply is ideal for mainstream desktops or home office PCs. This latest value-oriented series showcases an understated black casing and unlit fan for con… Read more

Back in stock at Amazon.


My Trust power supply just attempted to cook itself so I bought one of these (quick fix, throwing a grand at a decent machine after xmas). Ordered this PSU yesterday (10/10), delivery estimate was mid november to mid december, then it got revised to the 19th, now its been revised again to this saturday (13th) because its been dispatched so don't let the dodgy estimate put you off :) Oh and I chose super saver free delivery :P


Never used Scan and don't think i ever will... not heard too many good things about them. Plus CCL is on my doorstep and Ebuyer isn't too far away from me and never had any problems with either of those 2.


I bought a OCZ PSU 4 years ago in a build it, failed within 10 months and then I returned to ebuyer, they paid for the courier and sent me a new one! :) Scan don't seem to do this, I always buy my stuff from ebuyer now.


Don't hate on scan's returns policy. I just had an RMA opened by them for an SSD (though they do state that if they find no fault with the item then they will take a £10 handling fee), and this was from their ebay section. I can't say if they treat their ebay customers better than direct, but I've found the opposite to be true in most cases.

8GB G.Skill 204pin SODIMM DDR3 PC3-10666 CL9 SQ Series Dual Channel Laptop Memory Kit - £37.28 Delivered @ MemoryC
Found 14th Sep 2011Found 14th Sep 2011
8GB DDR3 204-pin laptop memory kit for laptop computers based on the DDR3 memory technology. G.Skill is known for being first-to-market with new memory technologies and this DDR3 S… Read more

Thanks warek78, cheaper if you're only buying 1 :) Unfortunately can't post this deal on HUKD.

warek78 cheaper here


Thanks all! Just bought 2 of these kit, time to upgrade my iMac to the MAX


nice price


Good find op have some heat

320GB Transcend StoreJet 25 Portable HDD - £ 69.37 plus £4.10 del@ MemoryC
Found 13th Nov 2008Found 13th Nov 2008
Shock resistant design, meets the US Military drop test, anti-shock and durability tests. Compact slim design with a 2.5" hard drive. High-Speed USB2.0 data transfer and includes O… Read more

Looks a good deal to me


I like this, but what the hell does this line mean? "Please do not slip or hit StoreJet 25 mobile on purpose" I promise not to "slip" it ! - w t f???? Shima *H000t anyways....... :P

Kingston 8GB Micro SD (SDHC) Card - Class 4 now £11.99 delivered
Found 7th Oct 2008Found 7th Oct 2008
Kingston 8GB Micro SD (SDHC) Card - Class 4 With Kingston's micro SDHC card, your mobile content is no longer tied to your phone. Share your content collections with friends, famil… Read more
Get dealGet deal

That should have said 8 gb. :-)


No, the M2 is a different card. Someone posted an offer on here sometime during the last week? something like an *gb card for £15. Have a search for it. :)


Are these micro sd cards the same as the Sony M2 card. Ive been trying to get some information on this but there is a dearth. Looking for an M2 card for my Ericsson mobile but if this does the trick... ?


me thinks it is same company any way still a good deal hope this helps some one dont forget quidco as pointed out by my learned friend


Not same company but same price +4% quidco

4GB G.Skill DDR2 PC2-8000 PQ Series (5-5-5-15) Dual Channel kit - £71.24 Delivered
Found 24th Jun 2008Found 24th Jun 2008
4GB DDR2 PC2-8000 memory kit from G.Skill. Upgrade memory for high-end gaming systems. 1000MHz DDR2 memory with blue alu heatspreaders and lifetime warranty. Rated CL5 (5-5-5-15) a… Read more

j got this ram in 3 days from ordered. excellent stuff and very fast :) very impressed indeed!


PC2-5400 = stock ram with no headroom but waste of money as PC2-6400 is literally the same price. PC2-6400 = RAM for stock systems, and overclockers that want headroom for ATLEAST a 400FSB before overclocking the RAM. PC2-8000 = RAM for overclockers who want at least 500FSB before even overclocking the ram. latencies on intel Core2/quad systems makes very little differnce unless your benchmarking and a major PC enthusiast. CPU's run at 1/4 of thier stated FSB so if you have a core 2 duo E-6550 which is stated to run at 1333 MHZ, in actual fact it runs at 333 MHZ so PC2-6400 RAM provides a 70MHZ or so headroom before the RAM is being used out of its stated frequency. if there is ram with lower latencies like somebody was complaining earlier 'waste of money and time with those latencies' dont bother spending more to get better latencies as its probly a waste of money. ill leave it as that. hope this helps.


Microdirect has an OCZ 2x2GB 1,000MHz kit for £67.75 delivered or about £66 after Quidco but the timings are a bit worse: 5-5-5-18. For this sort of RAM though it’s as much to do with how well it over-clocks and some of the CL5 1,066MHz or higher stuff might well hit CL4 at 1,000MHz.


Ok, so it appears that pretty much nowhere on earth actually sells the stuff ... the best I could come up with was ]here ... but even they're out of stock. Maybe you win after all :)


congratualtions, you have now won a Blue Peter badge :p nice find, but i meant from the above link to OcUK. plus im not sure if you can get the Geil in a 4Gb flavour? maybe worth a look though, wonder if price is below £100 for it?