Men Behaving Badly - Series 1 To 6 DVD Boxset - £15.24 @ The Hut

Men Behaving Badly - Series 1 To 6 DVD Boxset - £15.24 @ The Hut

Found 22nd Apr 2009Made hot 22nd Apr 2009
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:thumbsup: finally managed to actually order it, just hope they don't go bust now like zavvi did when I last ordered it

Love it! I have all 6 on the separate DVD's, but they are a bit scratched now, might invest!

They've also got Last Orders and Jingle B***s for £4.44 each, when you use the 10% off voucher. Not as hot as the whole set, but cheaper than anywhere else if you want to complete the collection :thumbsup:

Great deal, great series.
Five thumbs up

Great deal, all we need now is cheap Stella . . .

Thanks, H + R Added


brilliant ... i love men behaving badly !!! hot hot hot 1!!

Missed the 10% deal, so won't bother. Read it at work, so couldn't.
Got copies of all 6, and bought the 3 part special - would have bought it at £15 not nearly £17 when I can watch them anyways.(what a tight fisted....;))
Didn't need them, y'see. But missing the 10% by an hour or so quite annoyed me !
Actually my life has been like a hybrid of this series and The Likely lads.
When men were men and girls were girls.
Now, sadly, it's when SOME men are men, and many women think they are

The Argos Entertainment site is doing a 10% off promotion till this monday(27th April)

You can get this set for £15.72 by using the code argos10 when you place your order.
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