Menabo Aluminum Aero Roof Bars £15 @ Lidl (NI)

Menabo Aluminum Aero Roof Bars £15 @ Lidl (NI)

Found 21st Jan 2017
Was in my local Lidl (Lisburn) today and grabbed a set of these for £15. There were quite a few here and they are bound to be in other stores. Don't want to kick off a goose chase but from past experience...NI stores seems to have the same stuff most of the time.

I appreciate that this may be an NI only deal as there is a distinct split between Lidl UK and NI.

These have been highly regarded in the past at 24/27 quid but at this's a no brainer really.

Only the regular size. There were no XL models I have seen mentioned previously.
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I bought these for about £25 in lidl (england) last year. on amazon they were £50+ at the time.
definitely worth having.
decent product. Had mine for 3 years any they have been well used.
long shot I know, but are they lockable?

long shot I know, but are they lockable?

​mine last year were.
Do they fit any car and could you transport a bike on them ?

Do they fit any car and could you transport a bike on them ?

If it's the same set I bought out of Lidl NI (£25), these only fit cars with roof rails.

Heat for the price O/P.
OK thanks for the info.
good price but just so you know, there is no such thing as aerodynamic roof bars.
well.....they are rounded rather than big hunks of pig iron.......
Bought these last year - well worth the money, I've transported ladders and bikes (with skids) without issue.

Not as good as Thule etc but still fine for basic use.

One thing - they don't appear to fit enclosed roof rails that are on a lot of modern cars. If you can get your hand under the rails you should be fine though.
Managed to pick up a set, just hope they fit.
Hope it helped a few anyway.....was a super price having looked on other retailers after I had purchased.

Have to say I am happy with the purchase.....neither of our cars can accept the boot mounted bike racks (spoilers etc) so with the low cost of these, putting the roof skid type bike mounts on is actually quite affordable.


But affordable

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