Mens and Womens O'neill Snowboard/Ski jackets. 75% off

Mens and Womens O'neill Snowboard/Ski jackets. 75% off

Found 18th Jan 2013
Don't think I have seen O'Neill jackets reduced by this much so early in the ski season. Some of the colours/styles may be an acquired taste, but I daresay the younger snowboarder out there will like them. Irrespective of that however, quality, branded, technical jackets with this discount are a steal. Many of the jackets are twice the price on the 2 bare feet e bay store. delivery £3.95 or free over £75 spend.
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Brilliant prices if only I was 2xl in the styles that I like..... Heat added
Just ordered an Escape Frixton in green....:{ would be rude not to at that price

Damn it lol......O'Neill Escape Frixton Mens Jacket (blue) this is the one I wanted in large cheapest I can find is £70 online
My local Two Bare Feet store just shut down in Torquay, the staff were pretty cool and I netted myself a rather nice Oneil coat before christmas

even if my co-workers say I look like a reject from EAST17 in it

Their website doesn't seem to have their whole range that their store had
Just ordered O'Neill Originals Charger Mens Jacket - Black Out Large, Thanks, paid by Paypal. Another £35 gone
wish I eat more turkey and sweets at christmas now, could have scrapped the january new year go down the gym for one week thing and got a 2xEL coat nice and cheap. good find op heat added
Ones I look at in Ladies had the biggest size of a 10
Nice find OP. Nothing for me though :(, need a large with detachable hood. Would have liked the O'Neill Escape Frixton Mens Jacket - Green.


All the O'Neill Snow Pants are half price too:…tml
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Anyone no which courier they use
Ordered One I think this is great jacket at this price ordered (O'Neill Crooked Mens Jacket - Black Out) 29 gone
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wow ive never seen so cheap this early in the season.lets go hit the powder ya ok ya lets do lunch double latte yummy,bear with bear with.bear with
Thankyou, also ordered O'Neill Escape Frixton Mens Jacket - Green
Judging by this video it looks great!! Not sure if I should be wearing it at my age (40)!!…c2o
Great find just ordered the O'neill escape frixton blue...... Heat added;)
awesome! just bought a jacket and pants, £88 for top end gear. loving it! mega heat!
O'Neil stuff used to look pretty good. Have they been bought out by sports direct or something?
No mention of where in title?
Clicking Get Deal is soooooo hard!
Ahhh drat, £50 lighter for a top looking jacket. HUKD is ruining me!
If its warm, I'm not too fussed what it looks like. Some decent designs all the same. Coat ordered and heat added
got mine, thanks for posting!
Excellent spot, I've had the same o'neill jacket for 13 years and that was £200 well spent so at these prices I think it's time for a new one.
Are these coats as good as north face etc at keeping u warm, as im looking for a jacket/coat, but won't be using it for winter sports
about to place an order and OOS
Are these any good? Was going to borrow a mates, but at these prices seems worth a punt? They look quite a slim / tailored fit on some?
Still plenty of trousers available.
God dam they are some FUGLY jackets !!!!
Did anyone get a confirmation e-mail? I heard nothing yet...

Did anyone get a confirmation e-mail? I heard nothing yet...

Just got a cancellation email

"Unfortunately, due a database error and subsequent stock update failure, our system accepted orders for items we had sold out of. We also had a much higher than anticipated demand for orders which means we can have offered these items on a first come, first served basis. Therefore on this occasion we are left with the option to send our apologies and unfortunately cancel your order. "

me too got the cancellation email similar to dty7
Same here, what a load of crap, I ordered as soon as I saw the deal on here too. Not happy
It's crap indeed, I ordered within the first 2 hours of the deal, Now the B****D have cancelled our orders after taking our details, emails, contact numbers, address, without even getting what we signed for, Not a nice way for taking people details, I'm glad I paid by Paypal so they don't have my Credit card details.
Will see how many marketing emails and texts we will get from them from now on, Keep your eyes on your card statements guys. Just in case.
Can any one confirm if they got their order by post, as it might be all fraud for stealing people's details, please let us know.
Refunding the money is not the only problem, be careful.
Can those who had their orders cancelled let us know exactly what it was that they ordered

Just to see if there's a pattern

I haven't received any communication from them. I ordered this…432 but form their website, though I notice this listing of theirs was ended as the item was no longer available
I ordered O'Neill Originals Charger Mens Jacket - Black Out Large item AA24DW90032393
Payment already taken from my account - paid via card. Expect a refund in few days though.

If a payment has already been taken for your order this has been refunded. Should you have any queries regarding this matter, please email Customer Services on who will be able to assist.

Once again many apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Two Bare Feet
Got my stuff yesterday... very happy
Still nothing

No confirmation email, no account login and no delivery
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