Men's Casio Classic Leisure Chronograph Watch - £15 @ Watch Shop
Men's Casio Classic Leisure Chronograph Watch - £15 @ Watch Shop

Men's Casio Classic Leisure Chronograph Watch - £15 @ Watch Shop

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An absolute retro classic reintroduced by Casio but at a reasonable price. Show people you know your stuff and strut around in an aura of retro cool with this versatile watch.


Is this watch any good anyone?

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Is this watch any good anyone?

When I first removed the watch from the box, I was immediately impressed with the apparent quality of the watch. For such a cheap watch, I wasn't expecting a top quality finish. But I am impressed with the display screen, it looks better than its price range in my opinion. It has been kept simple by design, but doesn't look cheap.

You can also tell the time in bright sunlight with ease. This can be an issue with some digital watches.

The watch is quite a small, light watch. I don't even notice I'm wearing it sometimes. The face is about 3.5cm (1.25") wide, and about the same high. The strap is very slim, measuring 1.5cm (0.6") across at its slimmest point (it obviously tapers from the face).

The strap is very simple to fasten. I could not tell you how easy it is to adjust, because the watch strap fit me perfectly right out of the box. But I can assure you that the strap is simple to clasp around your wrist. It is a simple hook mechanism and then a clip to hold it in place. Giving a very audible and reassuring `click' when it is fastened. A sure sign of quality. The strap is also very easy to remove.

As soon as I opened the box (as I always do by habit), I read the instructions through. This was to see how the different functions of the watch worked. The instructions are not extensive, and are very simple to follow.

The watch has 2 functions besides telling the time(and date), in either 12hr or 24hr: an alarm, and a stop watch.

After reading the instructions and setting up the time, I then found it easy to navigate around the functions without consulting the manual, so it can be said that it is very easy to use. You could probably set it up without the instructions. Indeed, the instructions say you can't break the watch by pressing the wrong buttons, but the manual is not to long, so I would suggest reading it through (only the English bit mind!).

The only setbacks (and they are only minor ones), in my opinion, are with the light and the alarm.

The light is an LED set to the left of the screen. So when it is activated, the light is noticeably brighter on one side of the screen than the other. I would have preferred it to be a uniform distribution of light, but this is just me being meticulous. The light does its job fine, it enables you to tell the time in the dark, so I can't really complain.

The alarm is not really very loud. My hearing is pretty good. But I think the alarm should be a couple more decibels.

In summary, this watch is an excellent watch for its retail price. I am really happy with the quality. The watch displays the time in either 12hr or 24hr, with the day and date. It has an alarm, light and stopwatch. It is also very easy to operate and is comfortable to wear.

You can't ask much more of a watch. 4.8/5.

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