Men's Formal Cotton Shirts from £8.00 @ Debenhams

Men's Formal Cotton Shirts from £8.00 @ Debenhams

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Found 15th Jul 2009Made hot 16th Jul 2009
Debenhams clearance sale has some good shirts from £8.00. Good for everyday workwear



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OK if you have a neck size less than 15.5" or greater than 17.5".

Plenty there for 15½" necks I found. No use to me, as the sleeves will be too long, but hot nonetheless.

Must. Stop. Buying. Shirts.
(Heat added - I couldn't help it)

Why is it that everytime/anywhere there is a sale on shirts, the first sizes to dissappear are 16 and 16.5??? Grrrrr

Heat added - HOT!!!

Being rather tall these shirts aren't that great. Next sale is much better as they do extra long in their shirts, trousers and suit jackets.

Thanks OP. Found a pink shirt in 16.5 that will do nicely. £9 delivered after codes. Heat and rep added.

Plus 4% Quidco

Do these come with the pictured ties?


Do these come with the pictured ties?

Nop! The pics are misleading. :x
Nonetheless I'm considering getting some of them...what you get (as in the quality of the shirts) is brill for that price! Great find! :thumbsup:
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