Men's Fragrance Selection Vivabox £34.99 @ The Perfume Shop

Men's Fragrance Selection Vivabox £34.99 @ The Perfume Shop

Found 23rd Feb 2015
My lovely granchildren got me this for my birthday, you buy the samples set for £34.99 pick the one you like, then pick it up in the shop, most are being sold at £39.50, a saving of £4.51! + take the samples on holiday!
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What's the deal? All I can see in the title is "The Perfume Shop". Is that for sale?
Read the description, learn to read!

Read the description, learn to read!

Read the rules.

Title MUST contain the item description, price and merchant.
What are you the post police!! I will no longer post on this website due to your comments. All I was trying to do was to inform of a deal, i suggest you get a life!
The rules are there for a reason.

Try switching to "text only" viewing mode from the "tools" button, where all you can see is the deal title, then see how useful your post looks.
It's not the best listing on here but definitely not the worst! I like the idea of this gift pack but doesn't say the ml size of the bottle you then choose.......could be reasonable(ish) or could be very expensive depending on the size
So if grandkids bought this for you how about sharing the size of the sample bottles and the size of the bottles you can choose from?

No info on the website, no info from you who supposedly has the deal and you get all narky with the posters for asking questions.

As cold as the artic wind outside right now!
sorry grandma
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