Mens Navy Converse All Star Hi-Tops £3 @ Soled Out

Mens Navy Converse All Star Hi-Tops £3 @ Soled Out


Link Not Working!

Original Poster…htm is the link site is a bit slow at the mo i think.

ye for some reason it's taking AGES to load

Real converse for £3 delivered? Surely not?

Original Poster

only 6, 8, and 9 left now.

is this site genuine?, i mean anyone used it in the past?

a bit slow will be getting my bus pass before this loads


good deal tho if i can get as far as checkout before I checkout


iv orderd from them earlier on in the day and it says if you havent got an email from us within 30mins (i didnt get one) ring up and quote your reference number

so iv tried but no1s answering the phone

aaarrrrrgggg, 2 pairs in the basket, go to checkout, ten minutes later it eventually opens, 0 items in basket :x

they dont seem to be open on a saturday :s

has anyone managed to order something and get an email confirming their order?

This is time consuming..hehe

i left some shoes in my basket and went out

Came back and they were sold out if i tried to find them in a new browser

But i could still go through the checkout from the stuff i put in the basket few hours a go

Im guessing i wont get them... but surely it would of not let me pay, unless they hold them when they are in my basket?

the merrells on the site look like an absolute bargain, thats if i can get to checkout - perhaps they got a load of torrents seeding slowing the site down lol

Hi easy peasy bought two pairs one £3 and the other £1,(kids) plus £2.99 postage !!!!!

i managed to order 6 pairs for my kids..says they are reserved,and gave me a money been taken out of my bank as of yet and no emial confirmation either..have to wait and annoying if not honored as it took me nearly and hr from start to finish..

i got myself a pair of merrel walking shoes and a pair of adidas chile 62's, no money taken out, no email just an order number.

once I clear all the cookies, all the bargains are disappered :?

got my confirmation email now so happy

Got an email confirmation, payment taken but order was cancelled today!:x

email confirmation and cancelled also and i didnt choose the converse, im writing them a nice email now.

i think it was an imaginary sale to get customers onsite

E-Mail confirmation then cancellation. Just too good to b true :x

sole trader are fuggers !
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