Mens Shirts £2 at Asda!

Mens Shirts £2 at Asda!

Found 13th Aug 2008
Went into Asda Totton tonight and they were selling off white formal/work shirts for £2 each!

Perfectly adequate quality, almost all sizes were available, long sleeved only.

At that price it's barely worth washing the things more than once or twice..

It's to make way for their "new and improved" range of shirts, apparently..

Not sure if it's nationwide or just this store


I like a man that describes his clothes as perfectly adequate quality. Do you describe women as functionally suitable?

Original Poster

..of course..!

What I mean is that they are fine for things like work, interviews and court appearances!

I love 'new and improved'

If somethings new, then there hasn't been anything before it, and if its improved, then the product beforehand was, by their own admission, ****.
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