Mens Timberland Splitrock Boots £40.00 @ Schuh

Mens Timberland Splitrock Boots £40.00 @ Schuh

Found 6th Jun 2010
For a basic down to earth boot, the Splitrock offers comfort and style to its wearer, letting you take life in your stride. Simple details and the brands signature quality make this boot a great addition to any wardrobe.


Only size 7.5 UK.

Good price IF thats your size.

You can usually get them for around this price at M and M they are good boots but I think that people should be aware that all of the low Timberalnd boots are not close in quality to the 6" Original. It seems that Timberland have sold out a bit as the 6" Original is without doubt the best footwear ever made and the rest are not the same in quality or in price

The 6" original has been made for almost 40 yrs.

The splitrocks and other "low Timberland boots" are not built using the same construction methods, and aren't meant to be used for the same reason as the original.

It doesn't say it on the Shuh website, but these are the Gore-tex model, so waterproof and breathable aswell.. Good value for money, but don't wear them like you would the normal 6".
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