men's Vans shoes (sz 8) £5 @ TKMaxx in store

men's Vans shoes (sz 8) £5 @ TKMaxx in store

Found 24th Oct 2015
Came across these vans (size in my local TK MAXX store (Parkgate - Rotherham) on the clearance section. They were red labelled down to £5.00. As usual it's probably not national but I suppose if your planning on going shopping at your local TK's then it wouldn't hurt to have a gander.

There were some other designs down to £15 or so.
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I cant see em Parkgate - Rotherham too far but would of talen 10 pairs
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I cant see em


On line
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label switch
That would be a store specific reduction. Tk max don't get the same stock to each store. They actually ship different brands based on location and previous sales.

A red sticker would be stock clearance on the one and only pair there. As it's what's on the shelf is for sale.
I can see why they are down to a fiver! oO
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Got some converse for a fiver at my local. It's all about luck with red stickers. Seen absolute steals but it's not just whether you see a bargain it's if it's in your size.

Yes, but I thought the title said men's?
have checked the sizes? tin my experience tk max clearence shoes are odd pairs
Yeah, good bargain, although i don't like visiting their stores. I find TKMaxx very depressing.
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