Mens & Womens 'Fine Fragrances' HALF PRICE ie Kylie Darling 30ML EDT Now Only £6.49 @ Morrisons

Mens & Womens 'Fine Fragrances' HALF PRICE ie Kylie Darling 30ML EDT Now Only £6.49 @ Morrisons

Found 24th Jan 2011
Was in the Leighton Buzzard Morrisons Store yesterday, and noticed that the mens and womens EDT and aftershaves etc in their 'Fine Fragrances' cabinet were ALL HALF PRICE!!

There was a big selection, approx 40-50 types, all well known brands (unfortunately my phone wasn't charged so couldn't take a picture, sorry) but others (I can remember) included Mens Paco Rabanne XS £9.99, just a shame they didn't have any Givenchy Amarige, my wifes fav!
A fantastic deal, and obviously clearing Christmas stock perhaps, but with Valetines Day only about 3 weeks away, so seems a good opportunity to get something nice for your OH, and make a big saving as well!
Not sure if nationwide, haven't seen it advertised, so maybe store specific, but worth looking out for.
BTW I couldn't find this posted, but sorry if it's a dupe.


already posted 6 days ago

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already posted 6 days ago

As I say, I did search before I posted, and didn't find anything, sorry!
Do you have the link?

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Thanks, don't why I couldn't find it using search? anyway, sorry deal hunters! use the above link instead.

couldn't post a link , sorry don't know how to
always better to have a deal re-posted than never posted at all, there may have been people who missed the original who saw yours and got themselves a bargain

I missed the last post so thank-you for this one :-)

Nice one!! Thanks mate. Never saw the last post but yours is 10 times better!!


Thought this deal was supposed to finish yesterday?!?

Bagged a few bottles of CK Truth for men edt 100ml for £12.49 - bargain!

Thanks so much I missed the first link hope they have some left later this week

The offers are still working today!! Only a few left in holloway but still scanned at half price!

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Thanks everyone, I'm glad some of you have found this useful and managed to grab a bargain!

I know it was supposed to have finished Sunday, but I'd imagine you'll probably be able to get these half price for a few more days, as certainly in the LB store I didn't notice any advertising, even on the cabinet, although with a deal like that you'd think they would, so maybe they need to get rid of these perfume cabinets to make way for piles of Bar-B-Q's or Easter Eggs perhaps?!
Anyway, if you're in a Morrisons, worth looking out for, as you never know! good luck.;)
P.S If you do still manage to get some, perhaps you could help by posting the store visited as above, thanks.

was in cribbs bristol today and they still had quite a few can't remember all makes and prices but remember seeing tommy hilfiger and calvin klein aftershaves
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