Mercenaries 2 PC £2.99 @ The GameCollection.net
Mercenaries 2 PC £2.99 @ The GameCollection.net

Mercenaries 2 PC £2.99 @ The GameCollection.net

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Great price - 158 in stock at time of posting the deal.


Cooperative Multiplayer
Play with fire
Travel over/under water
Build your own Private Military Company
A massive, reactive, and completely unscripted game world
Cool new toys
Work for the highest bidder


This game is great on 360. The single player alone is well worth £2.99 (assuming it is as good, or better on PC)

Well cheap, will this work on a mac?

i thought this was absolutely awful on the 360, so bad that I would pay £3 to get it back.

must be the hottest price out there though

Great price, voted hot! :thumbsup:


Well cheap, will this work on a mac?

Most of the games don't work on Macs (this one included), that's why people have Windows PCs! ;-)

wasnt this free on EA? since i have had a copy plus 2 others on my account..

I'm gonna vote this hot just because it's cheap but my advice? Don't waste your £3 on the game. This is a TERRIBLE game, looks wise it's mediocre, which I can deal with, but the AI is atrocious. On many occasions I walked right up to an enemy and they still sat there moving their head from side to side, looking for me.

At one point, there were 2 manned turrets next to each other, I shot the one on the left and took his turret, the guy in the right turret just sat there and carried on in his turret, even though his buddy had been wiped out and had his turret stolen!

Rubbish game, hot price

I really enjoyed this game, maybe its because i had no expectations for it.
Completely unrealistic, you can survive 1000ft drops and destroy just about everything... and that's why i like it.
Graphics suck beyond belief but if you take this game as a joke you can just go with it.

I really enjoyed this game. Got the PS3 version for £4 off fleabay.
True the AI is pretty pants but it is great flying in the choppers and destroying things.
I also think the missions are good and varied unlike Red Faction which justs seems like you are doing the same thing over and over....this is just my opinion and I'm sure people will disagree.

great game alot of fun good price
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