Mercenary Kings PC Steam £5.09

Mercenary Kings PC Steam £5.09

Found 29th Dec 2015
Strange no1 posted this up (or just i can't find it?)
seems to be the lowest price this game have been

metal slug like game (scrolling shoot em up)
but with weapon upgrades and stuff
seems like a very good game

very tempted myself
but going through FF XIII right now (and with FFXIII-2 in library)
don't want to get another level/weapon farming game

another 18hours for this deal at the time of this post
but most likely be up again when the steam sale ends

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Heat added, great game but It's not really like Metal Slug to play - despite looking graphically similar. This games requires a bit more planing and requires precise play to achieve the mission objectives. Metal Slugs more of an 'run & gun' arcade shooter.
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