Merchant Ivory Collection 20 DVD's £25 @ Fopp

Merchant Ivory Collection 20 DVD's £25 @ Fopp

Found 5th Mar 2009
Features all 20 films in the Merchant Ivory Collection: The Householder Shakespeare Wallah Bombay Talkie Savages Autobiography Of A Princess Roseland Hullaballoo Over Georgie And Bonnie's Pictures The Europeans Jane Austen In Manhattan Quartet Heat And Dust Courtesans Of Bombay The Bostonians Maurice The Perfect Murder The Deceivers Ballad Of The Sad Cafe Howards End In Custody The Proprietor

I think there maybe a newer box set out there with remasters and 21 films but this one is the older one.
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At last! A drug free sleep disorder cure!
yeah not for everyone to be honest but for those that like period drama it is a good deal.
No 'A Room with a View'?

I used to know every word!
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