Mercury Meltdown Revolution - Nintendo Wii - £7.99 delivered @

Mercury Meltdown Revolution - Nintendo Wii - £7.99 delivered @

Found 21st Apr 2009Made hot 28th Apr 2009
Mercury Meltdown Revolution has been designed to build upon and enhance the unique experience offered by the first Mercury title. With new game modes, graphics and features, Mercury Meltdown Revolution offer's a variety of enhancements over the original title while remaining true to its highly successful core gameplay dynamics.

Along with all new environments, adversaries, mini-games and multiplayer modes, Mercury Meltdown Revolution includes a completely redesigned game progression system and structure to make the game more accessible to players of all skill levels. Even the Blob has had an overhaul and can be used in a number of interesting ways!!

Full interaction using the Wii Remote tilt sensor.
Support for the Wii Classic controller.
Advanced rendering techniques for improved graphical quality.
480p support.
Over 150+ challenging levels.
State of the art blob physics.
Bonus features to unlock.


Next best price is £9.78 at Shopto good deal considering you can use RAC/Varisty/NUS aswell.. or…-p/

Anyone got this? Is it any good? I know it's only a tenner but I'm not buying it for it to just sit on the shelf

Was thinking the same myself - there are 13 reviews on Play for it, fairly positive mostly. Think I might give it a go as it sounds like the sort of thing I like.

Great find - I've been trying to get it cheap on eBay but eejits keep outbidding me by over the odds! LOL

This is a great site for reviews -…e;0

Voted hot from me, good price:)

It is actually quite a good game, very addictive.
I got it when it first came out and played on it loads so its well worth £7.99 imo

I've got it and, if you've played the PSP version, it's exactly the same. I found the tilt sensor operation added little to the experience over the PSP's analog stick.

If you want the best Mercury experience, then the original 'Archer Maclean's Mercury' on the PSP to which this is the sequel is way better IMO. In Meltdown they've changed the graphical style and it's pretty ugly compared to the slicker, sharper, pristine and realistic visuals of the original.

That said, I'm not aware of a better game for the price if you're looking for a pocket money purchase for your Wii.

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