Mercury Meltdown Revolution Wii, just £17.99 delivered + Quidco!

Mercury Meltdown Revolution Wii, just £17.99 delivered + Quidco!

Found 23rd Jul 2007
Special Features

Full interaction using the Wii Remote tilt sensor.
Support for the Wii Classic controller.
Advanced rendering techniques for improved graphical quality.
480p support.
Over 150+ challenging levels.
State of the art blob physics.
Bonus features to unlock.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution has been designed to build upon and enhance the unique experience offered by the first Mercury title. With new game modes, graphics and features, Mercury Meltdown Revolution offer's a variety of enhancements over the original title while remaining true to its highly successful core gameplay dynamics.

Along with all new environments, adversaries, mini-games and multiplayer modes, Mercury Meltdown Revolution includes a completely redesigned game progression system and structure to make the game more accessible to players of all skill levels. Even the Blob has had an overhaul and can be used in a number of interesting ways!!

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one of the better games on the wii. addictive. if you like puzzle games get it. no multiplayer but we pass the controller round once you loose and see if the next person can do it. lots of shouting whether you loose or win. what i like about it is i (43) can beat my 2 daughters (10, 14 ) at it. as for the price checked around and this seems a very good deal
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