Meridian peanut butter crunchy 1kg £3.52 (get £3 pantry credit, amazon prime)

Meridian peanut butter crunchy 1kg £3.52 (get £3 pantry credit, amazon prime)

Found 12th Jul 2016
this is lighting deal that will end approximately in 5 hours. you can get crunchy meridian peanut butter 1kg for only £3.52. and if you put the order without one day delivery, you will get £3 amazon pantry credit.

sorry for lazy post as I'm in rush to work and using mobile. Please feel free to update the post
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Not really sure why this deal is cold. Meridian PB is one of the best. Great price.
Probably because you have to be a Prime member and Tesco are doing the 280g jars for 99p, apparently, and buying the jars works out pretty much the same without paying for Amazon Prime membership.
and because every Prime deal is being posted up here which is narking people off...
Thanks op - First of many amazon prime day deal for me
Doesn't that make the deal 52p for 1kg peanut butter? And people are voting this COLD?!
Fantastic price! Thanks op
I just took a free prime trial for 30 days, available on one of my accounts, but if not, I would have created a new account, to get the free trial. I don't understand why others can't do this to get these deals.

Better than Tesco, by a few pence and delivered to the door.

for new hukd/prime member, please try to use search feature on hukd with the word "meridian". you will find out that this 1kg peanut butter has new low price. the latest was around £7 (for 2kg) using amazon subscribe and save. alternatively worth to check dolphin when amazon Price is back to normal.
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