Merlin Annual Pass Sale £119 pp

Merlin Annual Pass Sale £119 pp

Found 14th Oct 2014
Standard Merlin passes are on sale until 9th November £119 pp for an individual or £99pp for the family pass.

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Thanx OP.

The Family Pass is a 'Non Brainer' really? .. even though I dont have a 'Family', i'll go out of my way to hook up Family & Friends Kids to get this cheaper 'Family Deal' if sodding necessary? .. for real ..... :-(


Lol. :-)
£50 in clubcard vouchers get you the same thing.…294|DaysOut*4294967293|ThemeParks

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The club card deal is getting worse and worse. It used to be £27 worth of clubcard vouchers for one merlin pass... If you are using vouchers say for a set if family passes, and go to Alton towers a fair bit, its worth paying an extra £30 to upgrade one to platinum, that way you get free parking without having to upgrade them all.
I don't have Tesco club card points, so £99 per person ( family) is not bad ! ......:)
Saving hard and hoping they do a better price in late December. Great price for 12 months days out. Heat added.
I paid £79 in march. Every year for the last 4 yrs price has dropped after January. may as well wait as most attractions closed of limited shortly.
Personally I'm holding out for the January sale but there's obviously a risk it doesn't run or that the discount isn't as good as in previous years.
If anyone is planning a trip to a couple of Merlin attractions in October and can start using their passes before some places close, then this deal is worth having.
if you use a 2 for 1 voucher to get in, they deduct the full price off the MAP hence will save more if you purchase at an attraction
We bought passes yesterday.. Had initially used Tesco vouchers to buy two adult day tickets to alton towers, when we visited we paid £15 each for an anytime return ticket. When we visited yesterday passes were reduced to £119 or £159 for a premium pass. We chose the £119 tickets, they take off the cost of a full adult ticket regardless of what you have paid. Resulting in paying £71 each for an annual pass! Bargain...
I'm going next week to Alton towers and getting tickets included in the price of splash landings hotel,do you think I could use these against buying annual pass ?

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