Merlin Cycles PR7 2016 road bike £349.99

Merlin Cycles PR7 2016 road bike £349.99

Found 15th Sep 2015
Merlin cycles 2016 road bike. I'm looking for my first road bike and didn't want to go over the £300 mark but this seems worth it.
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Urgh Claris groupset.

Urgh Claris groupset.

What are you expecting on a bike for less than 400 quid? Also, what is wrong with claris?

What are you expecting on a bike for less than 400 quid? Also, what is … What are you expecting on a bike for less than 400 quid? Also, what is wrong with claris?

Apart from being 'only' 8 speed and not being worthy enough for oh-so-Pro types, nothing of course.

Looks like a reasonable bike for the money.
The problem with this is 8 speed parts and even 9 speed for road bikes are getting hard to get so if something breaks you may struggle to get parts shortly.

We are now onto 11 speed on road and mtbs.
I have an old carrera which is an 8 speed. Worked out nicely when i was only cycling to work, but now im entering more and more events and my cycles get longer i seriously need to upgrade. Am now looking at a 10/11 speed 105 groupset. I wouldn't tell anyone who wishes to get into cycling not to buy a bike, i myself am not keen enough to know the difference, but i now know i need to spend some serious money to up my game. Good luck craig!
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Good comments. Might hold off then for a few more gears.
Looks good for the money. The best part about modern claris is you get the integrated gear shifters in the brake levers that you used to only get in groupsets above entry-level
Started looking to give some details on why Claris got really good reviews a couple of years ago - then stumbled on the 2014 PR7 having identical specification to this but its rrp was £299
Looking at the spec between 2014 and 2016 see very little difference other than 0.2 kg lighter and price being £50 more after a £100 discount on a newly released bike. If wanting to save more the 2015 is on at £319.99 and weighs the same as the 2016 model.…pr7
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He but 2015 only has 1 size left and not my size. Thanks for the info however
Craig 19 if £300 is your budget you should really look at Decathlon's Triban 500SE which is currently on clearance ( for newer models). Won Cycling Weekly's Budget Bike of the Year and Commuter Bike of the Year and get stonkingly good reviews. Currently still avilable in all sizes. Triban 500SE £299
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