Merlyn (Penderyn Distillery) Welsh Cream Liquer - £10 at Asda

Merlyn (Penderyn Distillery) Welsh Cream Liquer - £10 at Asda

Found 22nd Sep 2017
INSTORE.. Just picked up a bottle for £10 at Pembroke Dock Asda. Not available on line but popped the link in if you weren’t quite sure about it.

Here’s what the blurb ....

Nose: Rich, warming creamy texture and fudge toffee is overlaid with the tingling aroma of fresh clean spirit. Vanilla, hints of banana and exotic fruits – and even rose petals – all linger gently in the background.

Palate: In the mouth the fruits are more intense and intermingle with the vanilla.

Finish: The combination of fresh cream and complex spirit produces a mysterious depth which is difficult to describe but encourages the next mouthful.

...........Honestly though, it’s Lush, neat or with ice
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This is very, very nice...I get this instead of 'overpriced' Baileys now
Was going to say this sounded like Bailey's, i'm not too fond of the stuff myself but my girlfriend enjoys it, perhaps I'll pick her up a bottle!
Thanks OP.
Not to my tastes, far too malty, but good deal.
Had this Last Week From Asda Bloxwich was as nice or even nicer than baileys.
Much nicer than baileys 🏻
I thought this was nicer than Bailey's from what I remembered. I bought a bottle a week or two ago, It's OK, I wouldn't prefer it to Bailey's myself but it's cheap and worth it if you already like Bailey's you should like this.
Not a patch on Bailey's but still nice.
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