Merrell mens watreproof walking / hiking boots £65 RRP £130 Go outdoors

Merrell mens watreproof walking / hiking boots £65 RRP £130 Go outdoors

Found 6th Jun 2017
Fully expect this to go cold with it being go outdoors BUT Merrell are a good brand for outdoor footwear and these are half price assuming you have a membership card.

I picked a pair up the other day, yet to use them in anger but they've been worn around the house for a few hours to break in which wasn't needed, comfy straight out of the box!

Can't comment on waterproofing but I assume they will have a decent degree for showers & wet grass. Seem well put together, look great and are VERY light & comfortable.

Not much info on the go outdoors site but the assitsnt was quoting "10,000" HH, I assume she meant 10000 steps / flexions in wet conditions....Happy so far but proof will be in the pudding!
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Not sure why cold, seem cheap for waterproof merrels.
HH is not steps in water :). This is what it is... Hydrostatic Head is the measure of how water resistant material is. It measures how tall a column of water the fabric can hold before water starts to seep through the weave. A Hydrostatic Head of 5000mm means that a fabric could hold a column of water that is 5000mm tall.
I believe HH stands for "hydrostatic head" - it's a measument of the degree of 'waterproofness' (if that's actually a word) commonly used for tents and wet weather gear. 10, 000 is pretty high, but it doesn't take in to account breathability; a plastic bag would have a high HH but I wouldn't want to keep me feet in one all day long!

Hope that this helps.
I have these and not really worth £65. Don't breath as well as some other boots and grip can be an issue. Decent enough ankle support and they do keep out the puddles but soak your feet in sweat.
That's me told, glad I didn't buy any. X)
Well despite the temperature , I'm more than happy with my purchase, merrell are a great brand...

Should have posted some Karrimore / Trespass / regatta / high gear boots for a similar price ???
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