Merrell Mens Yokota shoes - Amazon £27.10 size 9's
Merrell Mens Yokota shoes - Amazon £27.10 size 9's

Merrell Mens Yokota shoes - Amazon £27.10 size 9's

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The Merrell Yokota Bluffs did ok the other day, these in my opinion are nicer looking. They are definitely men's as my size 9's arrived today with "Men/Hommes" written on the box.

8.5 - £27.74
9 - £27.10
9.5 - £36.62

Other sizes £36 or up


I was looking at these for a few days and Im still debating should I buy then when I dont need them... with such a nice price? Definitely not woman shoes looking at the sizes.

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You sure, the others were Bluff and have now expired?

Not already posted, I prefer these to the Bluff and ordered hopefully these are Mens!

Merrell Womens Yokota not mens

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Says 'Men/Hommes' on the side of the box


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My merrells slip on slightly wet rock, stone, wooden floors and tiles! Great on tarmac.

Still love them but seeing as anything slightly damp sends me flying like Bambi learning to walk the goretex was a bit pointless

Does goretex work if I stand in puddles?


are these trainers or hiking boots ?

Hiking for sure.

Superb price (ordered thanks) with amazons free returns it is a no brainer !

Size 9 comes up as £64.45


Size 9 comes up as £64.45

pm me tuesday, and if the 9's are too big for me, you can have them for what I paid for them plus postage

Cheers OP,

Had a look this afternoon and pressed the button on a pair of 11's at £29.99.
Just looking now and these have gone up to £49.99.


Mine have just arrived. These are definitely mens, great for £29, thanks OP.

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Prices changing daily on these
8 - £30.26
9.5 - £31.84
10 - £31.41
10.5 - £31.63
12 - £30.04
13 - £29.92


Hot, thanks Op got my 9s today, stonking price and stonking fit X)

Got mine today... bargain, many thanks OP. Best £27.10 spent in along time....

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Prices changing daily on these
8 - £28.75
10 - £29.84
10.5 - £30.05
12 - £28.75
13 - £28.42

Just ordered size 12 , take it these are men's or a big woman.

Bargain mine just came £24 ish including 20% code
I'm happy

Just ordered size 12 for 34 quid

Thanks for posting it!!!

Received a pair of these today . . . Absolutely spot on !!

Just ordered a second pair. . . . at this price, it would be rude not to !

Thanks for posting, appreciated !
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