Merri Puzzle Free Steam Key @ IndieGala

Merri Puzzle Free Steam Key @ IndieGala

Found 24th Aug 2017
Merri Puzzle is a physics based puzzle solving game, with a unique look and feel to it. The goal is simple, getting an object, often a ball to the end of a maze. Your only controls are the forces of gravity, and building blocks. There are multiple ways to solve most levels. You can make block slides, block elevators, or just fill in the gaps. Other levels may need you to build walls to help avoid lava, or to get a key shape to the exit. As the game goes on, the amount of strategy required to solve each puzzle will go up.…le/
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Did someone say free ?
After watching the video on steam I will pass thanks.
Thank you very much
I voted hot because its free but this one comment sums the game up .

Posted: 24 August
Product received for free
And trust me, I`ve seen some♥♥♥♥♥♥ The ball moves around with a speed of your dead grandma, you can just push it using spawnable blocks, the interface changes every level ("lets do it, like, creative, dude" — developer). The achievements actually require you to PLAY that abominable pile o` crap so don`t even try.
Sadly 79p now (still a bargain)
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