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Mesh Ryzen Gaming PC "Just as good as its rivals for gaming, but its Ryzen 5 processor £600 @ Mesh
Found 9th Apr 2018Found 9th Apr 2018
Mesh Ryzen Gaming PC "Just as good as its rivals for gaming, but its Ryzen 5 processor £600 @ Mesh
BASE SPECIFICATION CiT Prism Black/RGB Window Midi Tower Case 500W Aerocool Integrator 80+ Certified Power Supply ASUS Prime B350M-A Micro-ATX Motherboard AMD Ryzen™ 5-1600 6 C… Read more
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That's just one coin, and not cryptonight algorithm. If you know your hashrate you can see daily earnings here: A single ryzen 1600 will get 4-500 hashes a second on cryptonight v7, and 1500 on cn-lite for example.


Hmmm struggling to see the deal here. A quick amazon search would put components at £510 (without Windows 10 license) and they are all low end parts (especially the PSU). Considering the 1050ti didn't get impacted by the recent graphics card price boom then I'd not consider this I'm afraid. Thanks for the post though OP as not trying to be disparaging.


A Ryzen with slow RAM for 1080p gaming. Raspberry noises :p


They all look pretty dire to me!


Cryptocurrency profit has just started rising again actually. Due to anti-asic resistance implemented by monero and its alts (cryptonight).

JANUARY SALE - Mesh Computers - £499 for 400W PSU, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB harddrive, 1GB Nvidia GT720, Windows 8 (upgradable to 10 in following months), 4th Gen i5-4590 @ Mesh Computers, warranty isn't bad either
Found 22nd Jan 2015Found 22nd Jan 2015
JANUARY SALE - Mesh Computers - £499 for 400W PSU, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB harddrive, 1GB Nvidia GT720, Windows 8 (upgradable to 10 in following months), 4th Gen i5-4590 @ Mesh Computers, warranty isn't bad either
Guys I'm not a computer expert, but this deal seemed interesting to me, let me know what you think? I read that Windows 7 and 8 (with certain conditions) should be able to get a f… Read more

Blimey you still remember windows 3.1 and windows 3.11 for workgroups! Yes I remember upgrading from 3.11 to 95 and then OSR1. Wow, them were the days, lol


/ And a reliable one as well. It doesn't say what make the 400w PSU is , so it could be any generic make


Pretty much different 'interpretations' of this one for everybody really? .. since the inception of Windows OSR1 wayyyyyyy back in 1995 its been 'Start Menu' THROUGHOUT!, & you mean to tell me that since all those Years from Windows OSR1 in 1995 going this individual has never used the Windows Start Menu for anything?, ever?, i'm finding that mighty hard to believe! (cos if even for the then new 'novelty factor' of it at the time MANY would have used it plenty at the time regardless, as 'pre-Windows 95 OSR1/NT' the Windows Shell of Windows 3.1 & Windows for Workgroups 3.11 was wayyyyyyyy different!, so ..... ) Thats all I can really say on the matter really?, lol. :-)


This is the worst company I've ever dealt with in my 59 years on earth. Their sales/after-sales/customer(lackof)service is utterly atrocious. I bought from them once and the experience converted me to self-building and OC'ing gaming rigs. Far less hassle and easier to rectify if anything goes awry with a piece of hardware. Unless under new and exceptionally good ownership/management please, please avoid this company at all cost. Sourcing your own components and assembling a PC is really simple, even a dedicated Mac user like me can do it with one hand tied behind my back. MESH were such a poor company the catalogue of after-sales disasters made me question the MO and integrity of PCPro.


Full Specification: ZALMAN Z3 Plus Midi-Tower ATX Case with Side Window - Black£27.99 amazon 400W Desktop Power Supply Unknown PSU, huge warning sign MSI B85M-E45 Intel® B85 uATX MotherboardAbout £48 from amazon, again not that amazing, New 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-4590 Quad Core Processor (3.7GHz, 6MB Cache)£156 from amazon 8GB DDR3 1866MHz Memory (2x4GB) Kit Unknown, but can be bought from anywhere between £55-£70 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT720 GPU - 192 Cores, D-Sub/DVI/HDMISome outdated tech 1TB SATA III 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 64Mb Cache, 8ms Hard DriveFound from £42 24x DVD Writer (read/write CD & DVD)about £11 5.1 High Definition onboard sound card - 6 Channel Cinema sound High Speed Network Port (Supports High-Speed Cable / DSL / Network Connections) Microsoft Windows® 8.1 - 64 bit inc. DVD & Licence£74 BullGuard Internet Security - Free 90 Day Trial Gold Warranty - (Lifetime Labour, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Free Collect & Return) About £454, if you buy an alternative gpu. Service seems terrible Your text here

Xmas Special Offer! Pre-built Gaming PC -  Intel i7 4790, Geforce GTX 970, 8 GB Ram, 1TB HDD, Win 8.1 £799 (+ TCB 1.57% - 2.1% Cashback) @
Found 5th Dec 2014Found 5th Dec 2014
Xmas Special Offer! Pre-built Gaming PC - Intel i7 4790, Geforce GTX 970, 8 GB Ram, 1TB HDD, Win 8.1 £799 (+ TCB 1.57% - 2.1% Cashback) @
For the price and the fact that it is pre-built means that this is an bargain! With this PC, I do like how they cut down on necessities that in my opinion decreases cost and improv… Read more

Superb really glad for you, maybe the earlier comments about overheating gpu are relevant, that's why i turned the case fan to 1200 (not noisy either).


Hey - forgot the logon to my MatthewM account above. Was just to say that Ian from amaze swapped out the graphics card, arrived it installed and all working fine. Great CS :D Matthew


found it, mine was hidden underneath the motherboard. thanks for pointing it out.


There is a small physical black switch attached to the cables of the rear CASE fan I just set mine to the higher rpm because I thought more airflow is better than less airflow, no other reason! Thought I would highlight that the case fan has the switch not the gpu fan as it could be read either way!


Sorry to hear about that, hope your RMA goes well (MSI are pretty reputable in that regard). I was thinking of switching mine out for a 970; this reference 770 I've found is very loud on full load, and I've never had great confidence in these coolers. How did you do that? Just in UEFI? And is that only when it goes above a certain temperature or all the time? I'm putting a lot of stock in my lounge being on the cold side most of the time - probably shouldn't!

Elite Mini Gaming DESKTOP PC OC [£1499] @ Mesh Computers
Found 11th Jun 2014Found 11th Jun 2014
Elite Mini Gaming DESKTOP PC OC [£1499] @ Mesh Computers
Seemed good deal... correct me if I'm wrong please! I'm looking for a good gaming pc at this price and this seemed pretty damn awesome! Full Specification Fractal Design Node 304 M… Read more

There are considerable attractions to building your own, starting with warranty and then performance. Ready made PCs are usually built with OEM versions of the boxed retailed products that we buy. The OEM versions usually only come with a one year limited warranty, whereas the boxed versions, depending on what you buy, have full retail box warranties that sometimes can be anything up to five years. When you build your own, you get to cherry pick the best componants. For instance, I appreciate the MSI Z97I motherboard went very hot when posted as a deal and it's a great looking motherboard with a several nice features but it lacks some of the key exciting features of the new Z97 that distinguishes it from the older Z87 boards. There is no SATA E, which breaks the old SATA bottleneck to offer 60% faster data transfer (as far as I know, we are waiting to see SATA E drives, though) and it lacks M.2 SSD, again for much better data transfer and a zipper user experience. To me, having one or preferably both are must haves. If you must make a Mini ITX rig, perhaps look at the ASROCK board, say. I haven't seen any reviews and it's not a great looker but at least it has both M.2 and SATA E. You might want to go with a larger format motherboard but still keep it relatively small. A M-ATX format board gives you greater connectivity and upper limit of 32GB of ram, as opposed to 16GB with M-ITX. You can use two graphics cards, if that appeals. Cherry picking your own graphics card for a smaller M-ITX box, you can check out temperatures and go for quiet and cool. I don't know who makes the card fitted, here, but quiet and cool matter to me. You might want to wait a few weeks for the new 4790K. It offers 10 - 12% better performance than the 4770K, apparently with 6% less heat under load. Better still, the 4790K at stock gives you slightly faster performance than a 4770K with a relatively conservative overclock on it, so you can save a bit of money on whatever third party cooler, or even stick with the stock Intel cooler for a bit. What of the SSD they have fitted, does it have one of the faster read speeds? And there we are getting back to M.2 SSD and future proofing in general. I think you can do better, have fun building and I'm not what warranty Mesh are offering (the url link is dead for me) but you could build with parts with extended warranties.


I wouldn't use cool and the r9 290 series in the same sentence. They give of a serious amount of heat. Enough to kick my case fans up a notch to deal with the ambient temperature. I could dry my hands with the exhaust from the card under load ;) case is cool though as I've got 4 120mm 3 140mm and 1 100mm fan cooling it


I did say unless it has something to compensate for the size. Lets say it has no space for watercooling or one of those big CPU fans, you won't be able to cool it as well as you would if you did have those options! But yeas most of the cases now have space for that but still the other points do count and I'm sure they could find a better deal built for cheaper.


I agree 100%, a full size pc would look crap in my living room, and my itx plays games no problem on far


I have an itx pc like this, yes you can build it cheaper but keeping the system cool is not an issue.

Easter PC Deals at Mesh Computers - starting from £299 - @
Found 18th Apr 2014Found 18th Apr 2014
Easter PC Deals at Mesh Computers - starting from £299 - @
Mesh have got some good prices on new PCs over the Easter holiday. I've ordered from them quite a few times and they have been very reliable suppliers with good quality system bui… Read more
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I would always build due to the ability to customise the PC, for example the power supply in these computers will be the bare minimum needed which is fine until you need or want to upgrade. If you are building you can spend an extra £10 and save £70 in the long run


The HUKD system has pulled in the picture for the £799 item which is a little misleading for the offer (£299 is 1TB and 4gb memory and not the fancy case).


And make sure the components are compatible


Not much more though, and you need to take into account the time to build and get hold of the different components.

Mesh Laptop - Dynamo i3-v (CX623-258) - £374.17 + £12.76 Delivery + Vat = £464.32 @ Mesh Computers
Found 17th May 2011Found 17th May 2011
Mesh Laptop - Dynamo i3-v (CX623-258) - £374.17 + £12.76 Delivery + Vat = £464.32 @ Mesh Computers
I'm looking for a decent laptop below £500.00 and this is the best spec. i've found. Just thought i'd share. I have bought two PC's off of MESH and the build quality is very good. … Read more
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me too, i've never had a problem with them and I thought the spec. was quite good for the money. I haven't found a cheaper alternative.


Maybe I've just got blue eyes, but I contacted Mesh a few weeks ago about a PC I bought 10 years back and they replied within 48 hours. Funny how you only ever hear about bad experiences. Be it mesh, scan (a prime example for some. Not me). Ebuyer have dropped me in it more than I'd care to say but I know a lot still swear by them. Each to their own I suppose.


U foiled my plan. Darn it.


thought this was posted forgetting about vat or something..


no one has given an example of a well made laptop with the same spec. (or better) that costs less than this and comes from a retailer without out-standing customer service.

Intel® Core™ i7 990X Extreme £2299 @ Mesh - (3.40GHz, 12MB Cache, 6 Cores) CPU Overclocked up to 4GHZ Windows® 7 Home Premium  16GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory (4x 4GB) 2TB SATA 3Gb/s Hard Drive 1536MB  NVIDIA GTX580 Graphics X58 USB3 Ultimate Gaming Mainboa
Found 8th Mar 2011Found 8th Mar 2011
Intel® Core™ i7 990X Extreme £2299 @ Mesh - (3.40GHz, 12MB Cache, 6 Cores) CPU Overclocked up to 4GHZ Windows® 7 Home Premium 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory (4x 4GB) 2TB SATA 3Gb/s Hard Drive 1536MB NVIDIA GTX580 Graphics X58 USB3 Ultimate Gaming Mainboa
Full Specification Thermaltake Element 'V' Gaming Chassis 950W X-Power Desktop Power Supply Asus P6X58D-E - USB3 and SATA 6GB/s Support - LGA1366 Socket(ATX) Intel® Core™ i7-990X … Read more

fo real


thanks for the heads up.. shame really as they seem to be the only retailer I know of that sell the Lancool K62.. :(


btw the starred out site above is over clokers.. dont know why its been starred out??


unless you have money to burn, do not buy that system. its not hard at all to put a machine together.. (imo its the best part of the experience). Here's what I'd buy. Its a system that's completely overclockable, and will last you for years on default settings. Heck, I'm waiting for a bit of money to come way and will start sourcing the best prices to build this myself! BASE Intel Sandybridge i7-2600K Unlocked Core i7 = £245.23 Asus P8P67 DELUXE REV 3.0 = £169.99 Corsair Memory Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 9 = £86.54 Asus GeForce GTX 460 1024MB DirectCU GDDR5 PCI-Express = £139.99 http://www.**** Lancool Dragon-Lord PC-K62 Mid Tower Case = £87.82 http://www.**** Samsung 2TB Spinpoint F4 Hard Drive = £62.28 Corsair Builder Series CX 600W ATX Power Supply = £58.99 http://www.**** Sub Total = £850.84 OPTIONAL Scythe Mugen 2 Quiet CPU Cooler = £39.44 Sony BD-5300S-0B Super Fast BluRay Writer = £86.69 Grand Total = £976.97 MONEY TO BURN SSD - Wait a few months Dual Monitor - Brand still up for grabs Keyboard and mouse - Nick them from work ;) Still can't see this monster of a sytem going over £1500.. Definitely a no brainer.


I use an SSD/hard drive combo... 120GB Vertex: Windows 7 VLC iTunes Anti-virus Browser Steam A few of my current 'most played' games 1TB Samsung F3: Music, video, games, browser download folder etc

Mesh Discovery Slim 15.6" - MESH Computers - Good laptop with a decent graphics card? - £439
Found 19th Nov 2010Found 19th Nov 2010
Mesh Discovery Slim 15.6" - MESH Computers - Good laptop with a decent graphics card? - £439
Not sure if this is a decent laptop for the money. I guess the heat (if any) it gets will decide if I buy or not. Never used MESH myself but I know they've been around for a whil… Read more
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I imagine so, I think they used to be OK.


I had a Mesh computer for about 7 years with no problems. I must have been lucky or it was before the Time computer team took over.


My advice - go to your local Aldi and see if they still have any P6512 laptops in stock. These were launched in August 2010 at £499 but got reduced to £349 about six weeks ago. For the money, there's nothing that comes close to matching this laptop. The spec is shown in the link below....


Thanks indeed for that info I was unaware of that fact and considered a Mesh a couple of months ago, so glad I went for a Dell instead! :)


My first computer was from time, the memories, the waiting, the frustration, the waiting, the anger, the waiting, the complaint, the waiting, the solicitor, the waiting, the bankruptcy ..... !

Mesh Discovery Slim 13.4" laptop £329 @ Mesh
Found 1st Nov 2010Found 1st Nov 2010
Mesh Discovery Slim 13.4" laptop £329 @ Mesh
Great price for a lightweight laptop with Core 2 Solo cpu, Windows 7 Home Premium, 2GB ram and 320GB hard drive. The laptop has a 13.4" screen but only weighs 1.3Kg. Full Specifi… Read more
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Ok it's the fashionable slim design, but that spec is awful. Oh and even if it says '512MB Intel GMA 4500 M Integrated Graphics' its integrated not dedicated, i.e. that 512mb is system Ram, not graphics ram.


2 year warranty aswell......nice looking laptop


Voted cold sorry. Simply because I've had terrible dealings with Mesh and would definately not recommend them for anything.


Hmmmm single core


This laptop is advertised in this week's Computer active magazine for £299 so may be worth asking for this price if you buy one.

Mesh Discovery Slim 15.6" Laptop (4GB RAM, 512MB ATi HD4330, 500GB HDD) @MeshComputers £398.99
Found 26th Oct 2010Found 26th Oct 2010
Mesh Discovery Slim 15.6" Laptop (4GB RAM, 512MB ATi HD4330, 500GB HDD) @MeshComputers £398.99
Seems a good spec laptop for sub £400. * Discovery Slim X600 - 221UK plus (Silver / Black colour) * Intel Pentium SU3500 (1.4Ghz) Processor * Genuine Windows 7™ Home P… Read more

I had always thought Mesh made pretty good computers, however I may be wrong but this is apparently just a rebadged MSI x600 - not a Mesh at all. This PC Advisor review (on a slightly slower processor), rates it fairly well; the price in May was £400 and although the CPU was slow and battery life only 4hours the graphics performance made it stand-out from similar low power / profile machines.


This almost certainly won't run hot because the CPU is very low power (about 5W TDP instead of about 35W in the mobile i3/i5 chips). The GPU is no more than about 10W TDP under full load. So this should be pretty cool. The low power consumption should lead to good battery life, but they may have skimped on battery size. The CPU isn't very good in terms of speed though. Two year collect and return warranty is a plus point.


I always worry with a cheaper laptop that it will run hot, so the fan is then always running. Bought a similar price HP and it runs so hot and with the fan on it makes alot of noise in the room. I have never used a Mesh branded computer so can't comment on this one.

MESH Edge 15.6 - B2120002 #  Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 Dual Core Processor (2.2GHz, 2MB Cache)  £579
Found 7th Oct 2010Found 7th Oct 2010
MESH Edge 15.6 - B2120002 # Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 Dual Core Processor (2.2GHz, 2MB Cache) £579
Think its a decent spec, but waiting for some feed back on here to see what people think. # MESH Edge 15.6 - B2120002 # Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 Dual Core Processor (2.2GHz, 2MB Ca… Read more

I'm not saying this is a good deal, but not everyone is happy buying a second hand dell.


agree with above, mesh?. Im not sure you could get alot more spec for the price, other than the processor what could you improve? and just because its the newest intel processor with a fancy name doesn't mean its lightyears ahead... It is an average price for this laptop though


I've never heard of Mesh until a couple of days ago, i didn't realise it was a brand LOL


+1 You could get something very powerful for that much money.


You are paying for the brand For that price you can get an i5 on dell outlet

MSI GX660 Gaming Laptop, i5 450, ATI HD 5870, 8GB RAM, 1TB 7200rpm Hard Drive, HD LED Screen, Blu Ray ROM/DVD RW, USB 3.0 + HDMI £1113.99 @ MESH, (+Quidco?)
Found 16th Sep 2010Found 16th Sep 2010
MSI GX660 Gaming Laptop, i5 450, ATI HD 5870, 8GB RAM, 1TB 7200rpm Hard Drive, HD LED Screen, Blu Ray ROM/DVD RW, USB 3.0 + HDMI £1113.99 @ MESH, (+Quidco?)
Hello HUKD! My first "deal" (I'll let you be the judge). MESH currently have these MSI GX660s at £1113.99 delivered, for a top spec gaming laptop (not i7, but they tend to overhea… Read more

Had to resort to a refund through the credit card company in the end since Mesh refused to discuss or acknowledge cancellation of the order over the telephone...or respond to emails....or letters...not quite sure how a company functions when they treat customers so badly.


Sorry to hear everyone has had such a bad experience with MESH. I guess I'm lucky, I've had two orders from them including this laptop and had no problems, apart from yes they did deliver 2 weeks late on both occasions. I can't complain for the price though, £1113.99 for the spec is a bargain. Maybe best for all of us to avoid them in future!


Ended up sending the laptop back to Mesh on Friday. Such a bad company to deal with. Ordered the same one for about the same price on Ebuyer, and getting delivered Tuesday. At least they're a company with decent customer services.


I ordered one and will agree MESH is awful.... truly. Ill never get back the cost of my phonecalls. Absolute bunch of numpties. Illd rather spend my money on jello than this company....


Well in the same boat here - been waiting 2 weeks, they took the money and more annoyingly, these have now trickled into the UK in their MSI form at a similar price. Mesh have been such a big name in the UK for so long that I purchased based on trust and perception rather than doing my usual research; will be less hasty next time. VERY unhappy customer x2

Matrix Pro NERO Quad Core (2.9GHz) + 4GB DDR3 + 500GB HD + 22" monitor £520.26 delivered @MESH
Found 23rd Jul 2010Found 23rd Jul 2010
Matrix Pro NERO Quad Core (2.9GHz) + 4GB DDR3 + 500GB HD + 22" monitor £520.26 delivered @MESH
AMD Athlon™ II X4 635 Quad Core Processor AM3 (2.9GHz) Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium pre-installed Mini-Tower uATX Chassis - Black 300W Desktop Power Supply ASUS M4A78LT-M… Read more

well, i would have said its a cheap deal for the hardware you get out of it (4 gb ddr3, quad core procedssor, 22" monitor/keyboard). the only problem is you have to deal with mesh, who are reportedly very bad a customer service if somthing goes wrong. i was looking around for my girlfriend for the best deal computer and this was what i came up with. the amason deal on here is also good: but this only has a 1 year warrenty. mesh have a 2 year warrenty for parts and 3 years for labour. plus you get a 22" monitor with this one for an extra £100, or if you upgrade, a 24" monitor for £130 i bought one of these a couple of days ago, so will let you know how it gets on. (and yer, we got the 24inch upgrade for £30, plus the wireless keyboard for £10.


i take it this isnt such a great deal then?


worth the £30 upgrade to 24"?


I've been lucky not to need much from CS but if I've had a query about my PC they've always answered quite sharpish. I've read a few stories about returns and delivery woes though and it does make you think twice. What you should remember though is that happy customers don't report anything on the interwobble though. Just my thoughts...


love the customer sevices story

Mesh Matrix Pro Nero PC - includes 22" LG W/S Monitor £499 @ Mesh
Found 7th Mar 2010Found 7th Mar 2010
Mesh Matrix Pro Nero PC - includes 22" LG W/S Monitor £499 @ Mesh
* AMD Athlon II X4 630 Quad Core Processor AM3 (2.8GHz) * Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium pre-installed * Stylish Mini-Tower uATX Chassis with 300W PSU - Piano Black … Read more
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21.26 delivery charge is not included in 499


Their customer service can't be any worse than when I worked for Tiny Computers!! (acronym Tough Its Now Yours)


Better than not having one at all :giggle: and while my avatar makes me feel many things sad is not one of them.


And then you went and spoilt it all by having a rather sad avatar....... :whistling:


I second the shocking customer service opinion. Deal with them at your peril. Absolutely awful and extremely arrogant

Do you want to own the biggest PC desktop, look here, blu ray, 7.1 HD sound, 12GB RAM £2899.00 @ Mesh, its £3396 at save around £500, quidco 2.2% £63 back !!!
Found 13th Feb 2010Found 13th Feb 2010
Do you want to own the biggest PC desktop, look here, blu ray, 7.1 HD sound, 12GB RAM £2899.00 @ Mesh, its £3396 at save around £500, quidco 2.2% £63 back !!!
* Intel® Core i7 920 Quad Core Processor (2.66GHz,8MB Cache) - LGA1336 * Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Edition - 64bit English * Thermaltake Level 10 Gaming Station + 85… Read more
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its too posh for bootle strand..


Oh, so the radio is gonna be extra then :whistling:


That reminds me of the Bootle Strand


c'mon guyz dun know why its cold here but in mu views this is a great deal just look at this PC its the best you can't find anything better then this and price for this thing is fine if you can't buy it then dun vote it as cold...


The case was designed in conjunction with BMW:

Quad core 3.2Ghz Mesh Matrix II 925 MX £440.73 Mesh Computers
Found 27th Jan 2010Found 27th Jan 2010
Quad core 3.2Ghz Mesh Matrix II 925 MX £440.73 Mesh Computers
Full Specification AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Quad Core Processor AM3 (3.20GHz, 8MB Cache) Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Edition - 64bit English Stylish Mini-Tower Micro ATX Cha… Read more

My facts are very straight. Your original post said you can get it much cheaper by getting the parts separately which you have failed to backup and I believe is close to impossible. I also don't see how your post helped anyone.


1 x Extra Value Black Opera ATX Desktop Case 500W PSU (20+4 pin) 125291 £34.02 (ebuyer 1 x Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 32MB Cache - OEM 173804 54.35 (ebuyer) Asus AM3 M4A785TD-M Evo M-ATX 5200MT/S [Electronics] £63.21 (marketplace seller) amazon Corsair DDR3, XMS-1333,£45.23 (market seller) amazon AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Quad-Core Processor - 3.20 GHz,8MB Cache,Socket AM3,125W,45 nm,3 Year Warranty,Retail Boxed £121.90 (Actual Amazon) So £318. Iwhen ive looked theres another £15 to add on for VAT on the hard drive and case that i didnt take into account. But still for me much much cheaper than the £440. However looking now you would have to buy windows (which i already had) and a dvd drive (but tbh you can get a dual layer writer for less than £10 in most computer shops not bothered to look online. Deal actually looks quite good when ive looked at the price of windows. Just had a look now also to buy the memory normally would cost Another £15 at least on top. BUT i did not lie about my components. Not able to get for that price at the moment so non comparible now so much...which is why i didnt vote.


Feel free to list all parts and prices paid with links etc if you want to help people. Just saying that you did it cheaper yourself doesn't really help anyone, links with prices etc does.


I didnt say that id just bought it this morning did i and i also said id bought part of the lot from amazon. IE the motherboard processor and memory, as it happens i didnt bother to vote hot or cold on the subject as i had nothing to compare a prebuilt unit against and i had got windows 7 cheap when it first came out. So before you go spouting off saying im talking a load of tosh, get your facts straight. I have nothing to gain from lying to people, i bought the exact same motherboard and processor and different memory manufacturer, different harddrive (much better and bigger one) and the case for a lot less. I cant understand you try to help people, you help them out with deals or other information and you start saying people are lying. As i said in my original post, its a good deal for anyone wanting a pc (and you could swap all the components straight into an htpc case.)


Fair enough - our opinions differ :thumbsup:

Matrix PII Pro £485 @ Mesh Computers
Found 18th Jan 2010Found 18th Jan 2010
Matrix PII Pro £485 @ Mesh Computers
* AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Quad Core Processor AM3 (3.20GHz, 8MB Cache) * Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Edition - 64bit English * New Stylish Mini-Tower Micro ATX Chas… Read more
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I'd love to see a poll on Mesh with a good range of voters... Unfortunately I don't really think polls give a true idea of the facts as you only ever hear the bad news. I can't criticise folk for this as I'm as guilty as the next man for ignoring polls on things I'm happy with. Vodafone springs to mind... I'd definitely vote on that poll. Can't stand the CS! As I said, I'm going to be upgrading within the next few months and worry when I hear these stories. The fact is though that last time round there wasn't a problem. But then I never really had to get anything fixed - just advice and a bit of help sorting things out - which went as smooth as a proverbial baby's bum! I know... I'll go to PC World and ask them what I should do!


Shocking company to deal with - as some of the other posters have noted. Made the mistake of buying a Mesh in 2000. Had faulty RAM on delivery. Kept trying to tell them but they don't listen. You must uninstall this and re-install that bla bla bla. After about a week they finally issued an RMA to allow me to send it back. Lost the use of it for weeks as it too ages for them to repair it. Been Mesh-free and very happy since 2000.....yipeeeee !!!!!


Clicking on it on the mesh site gives the following details: ATI Radeon™ HD 5450 GPU Specifications 292 million 40nm transistors TeraScale 2 Unified Processing Architecture 80 Stream Processing Units 8 Texture Units 16 Z/Stencil ROP Units 4 Color ROP Units DDR3 memory interface ... Engine clock speed: 675 MHz Processing power (single precision): 108 GigaFLOPS Polygon throughput: 675M polygons/sec Data fetch rate (32-bit): 21.6 billion fetches/sec Texel fill rate (bilinear filtered): 5.4 Gigatexels/sec Pixel fill rate: 2.7 Gigapixels/sec Anti-aliased pixel fill rate: 10.8 Gigasamples/sec Memory clock speed: 800 MHz DDR3 Memory data rate: 1.6 Gbps DDR3 Memory bandwidth: 12.8 GB/sec TDP: 11 Watts That's a low-end card, barely faster than the 4550 and nowhere near the 4650 (which has 320 stream processing units, a pixel fill rate of 5.2GP/s and memory bandwidth of 22.4GB/s with GDDR3). It's far to slow to expect it to handle DirectX 10 effects in practical gaming, let alone DirectX 11 despite technically being able to run them.


just because its the 5 series with direct x 11 does not mean its fast, for exxample hi end 4 series cards such as 4890 are faster. And another thing you must remember just because it supports directx11 does not mean it will run it reallly fast this card may struggle running games in direct x11 and you wil have to use directx9 instead. The botttom line is this is a low end card yes it can play games but not with good frame rate or graphics detail. IF you want a 5 series ATI card aim for 5750 or better. And you must always include delivery into the price! For that reason im voting cold.


I agree. I paid for a very expensive "on site" warranty with Mesh. Had a problem, came out and fixed it no bother. Same problem again - they said I'd have to send it in and it would be away for weeks. I asked what happened to the on-site warranty and they said as it was the same fault, they wouldn't come out again! So they can't fix it the first time and it's somehow my fault. Waste of time they are!

Mesh Edge10 Pro Laptop; 1.6 Atom £223.99 delivered
Found 12th Jan 2010Found 12th Jan 2010
Mesh Edge10 Pro Laptop; 1.6 Atom £223.99 delivered
Full Specification * MESH Edge 10 M815L (Black) * Intel® Atom 1.6 GHz Mobile Processor * Ubuntu - Linux Based Operating System * 10.1" WSVGA Widescreen TFT (1024x6… Read more

Especially when you bag one for £185!


samsung N130, is around £230, defintely beats this :)


£179 for the Compaq with xp at CPW beats it hands down.


An average netbook with a free operating system for an average price? How is it a 'Pro Laptop'?

Elite Inspire £459 @ Mesh
Found 7th Jan 2010Found 7th Jan 2010
Elite Inspire £459 @ Mesh
Intel® Pentium Dual Core E5300 Processor (2.50GHz, 2MB Cache, Dual Core) Windows 7 Home Premium - 64bit Edition 4GB Memory + 500GB Hard Drive Now with 20" Widescreen Flat Panel Dis… Read more

They are disgracefull!! Nothing like the Service I got in 2003 and 2005!


Extremely cold from me. I ordered a system from them in October and after waiting over a month and the graphics card being "downgraded" from the one i previously ordered , tried to get a free upgrade to the current equivalent model. I completely understand the previous post of patronizing , rude and arrogant staff.They didn't care and even offered to cancel the order for me (Nearly £700) which i duly took after waiting 2 days for a supervisor to call me back and do a deal and getting no response. I wasn't asking for the world just a £35 upgrade for the inconvenience for a graphics card that was still slightly inferior to the 4870 i originally ordered.The "new" spec was a 5750. Then took me 3 days to get a refund. Deal with them at your peril.

Cold from me as seen better deals on HUKD in past month Even Aldi has a less known make but better spec & price here (& use difference in price to get better monitor)


BUYER BEWARE!! Ordered a Matrix 952 hd WITH A PAIR OF 2.01 SPEAKERS AND AN EXTRA DVDW on top of the blue ray. The speakers on their site show a pair of 2.1 Hercules, indeed the only speakers they sell on their Componant store are Hercules. They sent a £6.50 (amazon) set of Trust speakers and "forgot" the extra drive, when I complained they said they only SELL ONE MAKE OF SPEAKER (obvoiously not) and the PICTURES ARE FOR ILLSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY!!! I was furious but becasue they they missed out a Drive I was able to get a FULL REFUND under the Sale of Goods Act. Bought twice from them before but NEVER AGAIN, Cuss Services are terrible, rude and patronising

MESH R2S - Matrix Pro 250 3.0Ghz Dual Core - 4GB RAM - 1TB HDD - £399
Found 18th Dec 2009Found 18th Dec 2009
MESH R2S - Matrix Pro 250 3.0Ghz Dual Core - 4GB RAM - 1TB HDD - £399
Looked like a decent deal to me, £30 more than a similar Dell deal posted recently but faster processor and bigger HDD. * AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual Core Processor AM3 (3.0GH… Read more

Dont say you weren't warned:whistling:


As this has taken a bit of a hammering, can someone point me in the direction of a better spec machine for a similar price? I was going to order this but if there are better deals I won't bother. If most of the negatives are down to Mesh service I'll take my chances, I've ordered with them before with no problems.


Beware of Mesh!! After having two previous sytems I ordered a third last month the Matrix 925 hd, as I had my own 5.1 speakers I saw the Hercules 2.1 both in the Spec drop down menu and in the componant store....guess what?? they send a crappy pair of Trust 2.1, I complianed and they although they only stock ONE MAKE OF SPEAKER ...HERCULES (OBVIOUSLY A LIE) I had to accept these as the pictures on the website where for illustation purposes only!! That made me angry so when I opened the Unit to find only the Blue RAY DRIVE AND NOT THE EXTRA dvdrw AS ORDERED AND PAID FOR..I cancelled under the Sale of Goods Act and contacted my Credit CARD COMPANY TOO. Never again with Mush!!! They are rude arrogant and very patronising and I do hope they go the same way as Tiny Time and Evesham!! OH AND iM STILL WAITING FOR MY REFUND!!! AND....breath