MESS TINS £2.50 @ Wilkinsons

MESS TINS £2.50 @ Wilkinsons

Found 13th Sep 2009
I've put this under travel because I think it is really 'camping'. I'm not sure if this is available online.

I recently bought a set of two mess tins from my local store which were half price - i.e: £2.50. This is a bargain! If you go to an army surplus store or similar, they are in the region of between £5.00 - £8.00 or sometimes above.

The wilkinson ones may be lighter than the proper army ones, but I think that is a good thing, if you consider that you might be carrying, in a bergen, everything you need to survive outdoors. I have put the dates as such, because I don't know when they will rung out of stock! (If that's what the dates mean!)



they are lighter as the metal is softer less durable, proper standard issue messtins are of much better quality than the cheap tin ones available in the likes of wilko's,

lower price doesnt always mean better value for money

Still not a bad price though, this is 2 that fit together I assume rather than the same size? They also tend to be just the right size to put a hexi burner in too, which means you have a cooker and pans in one small package.

Poundland are cheaper. Had some from there and they're great.


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What are these, got any pics? :?



Poundland are cheaper. Had some from there and they're great.

Unless yours sells different, mine only sold one size so you couldn't stack them.

I couldn't get mess tins in my local Wilkos,but they had other camping equip in the sale
worth a look
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