Posted 17 December 2022

Meta Portal - Smart Video Calling - Black £50 free collection @ Argos

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Now reduced further to £40 but limited availability

Meta Portal is smart video calling with Alexa Built-in. Easily video call friends and family on their smartphones and tablets with WhatsApp or Messenger, even if they don't have Portal. Enjoy an effortless video calling experience for large groups with Messenger Rooms, which lets you start or join calls of up to 50 people. Smart Camera pans and zooms to keep up with the action, and automatically adjusts to keep everyone in view. Smart Sound enhances the voice of whoever is talking, while minimising background noise.

Easily video call with friends and family using your WhatsApp or Messenger account, even if they don't have Portal. Keep up with the action. Smart Camera automatically pans and zooms, keeping everyone in frame while you move and talk freely.

Listen to your favourite music and streaming apps such as Spotify or Deezer, display your photos from Instagram and Facebook, broadcast with Facebook Live and more. Work smarter from home with partners such as Zoom and Workplace from Facebook. Connect with colleagues even if they're remote.

1 internal speaker.
, iPhone.
Bluetooth compatible.
30 pin connector.
General information

899-00081-17Size H19.03, W5.74, D3.28cm.
Mains operated.
EAN: 810387030435.
Argos More details at Argos

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    Pay me a £1000 and I’d still not have one at home.
    You've got a camera switch and a mute button on it.
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    We still use it for family zoom calls. Like someone else said, good for kids when running in and out of the living room. When not in use we unplug it from the wall, that satisfies the security aspect for me.
    So which services can you use it with? Any? Can I hook it to Signal/Skype/Teams etc? (edited)
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    Regular price now. But best device for video calls IMO. Especially if you have kids and you can't keep them in the front of a tablet or phone, this camera follows them. Good also for people with limitation, simple use with voice command. I use it very often with my parents who live abroad.
  4. Avatar
    does it work with WhatsApp
    Yes. But you need to set it up with Facebook first. After that, it is up to you if you use Messenger or WhatsApp. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Can I use this with slack and teams?
  6. Avatar
    Will this allow Zuckerberg to spy on me watching TV in my underpants eating Wotsits?
    Sure, especially that it's such an interesting sight.
  7. Avatar
    Sure, the one thing I really want to do right now is put a big ultrawide camera with mic on my TV from Facebook.

    I understand that none of us actually have privacy if we're online in any form, doesn't mean I wan't to give that info to Facebook though. I'm fine with Google taking it, as all advertisers get is a randomised ID with my interests attached. Facebook don't care anywhere near as much about data.
    You forgot to mention there is a camera shutter and a button to mute the microphone.