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Meta Quest 2 256GB + Resident Evil 4, Golf+ & Space Pirate Trainer DX Games - £429 Delivered @ BT Shop

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We know that the 256GB model has a new RRP at £429.99 now, and most retailers have the 2 free games promotion running. Well... It turns out that BT Shop have that too, as well as the Resident Evil 4 bundle, whereas other places no longer have stock of that.

Works out as the cheapest price, with the most games, one of which being pretty great. I can't see better value anywhere else just now. There aren't many left either here, so if you're considering getting the Quest 2 256GB, then keep an eye on stock levels.

Delivery is free.

Quest is Ready
Battle with friends. Sit front row at live events. Work out on a volcano. Incredible new experiences are ready with Quest 2.

Do the incredible together, from almost anywhere
Join growing communities in gaming, entertainment, fitness and more to do anything, with anyone, from virtually anywhere.

Do the incredible together, from almost anywhere
Quest 2 lets you do just about anything, with anyone, from virtually anywhere. Discover fully immersive new worlds of gaming, fitness, entertainment, creativity and collaboration - and a growing community within them.

Don’t just play games. Experience them.
Explore virtual worlds with unparalleled freedom, as aliens, heavyweight champs, dance partners and more respond to your every move. Play solo or team up with friends.

Kick back in the best seats in the house
Welcome to your private virtual theatre. Binge watch movies and TV with friends and family from miles apart, step into experiences only possible through the power of VR, and get front row access to incredible live events.

Your new workout crew
Discover a new community of support, get motivated by real life coaches or work out in exotic locations. With the best VR fitness apps and games, you're not just burning calories – you're making fitness fun.

Work better together
Your office can be wherever you are, with whoever and whatever you need. Meet face-to-face in virtual spaces, collaborate in real time, or travel a million miles away to find your sharpest focus.

Powerful all-in-one hardware
A super-fast processor and high-resolution display keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high speed action unfolds around you. 3D positional audio, hand tracking and haptic feedback complete your immersion and make virtual worlds feel real.

Jump straight in

Simply put on the headset, draw out your play space and start exploring fully immersive games, fitness, social spaces and entertainment. No PC or console needed. Requires mobile device, wifi and companion app for setup.

No wires, no limits

Wireless connectivity, internal tracking and a built-in battery: everything you need to explore virtual worlds in absolute freedom, all in one headset.

Movement perfected
Quest 2's intuitive Touch controllers translate natural movements directly into VR so your interactions feel real whether you’re in a virtual workspace or a zero gravity arena.

Set up for safety
Guardian boundary lets you draw out your play space and alerts you if you step close to the edge. Know you’re safe, even as you take on dangerous missions in fantasy worlds.

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  1. jellytotz's avatar
    Not available. Tried to place an order and got kicked back to the basket saying no longer available

    Spoke to live chat:

    "I am sorry but the ones showing are not allocated to other peoples orders. The website does not update as quickly as the back office. I am sorry we currently do not have stock of this item"
  2. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Did oculus change their name at some point ?
    Im sure these were like 249 128gb and 329 256gb when on a good deal a year or 2 back why soo expensive now years on (edited)
    Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    They were initially sold at a loss to get people into the marketplace for buying titles, but the price was increased to reflect an increase in production costs and the fact that they no longer need to sell them at a loss. But as others have mentioned, they seem to have dropped the price slightly again as sales are being threatened by other headsets now.
  3. JoShmo's avatar
    What's the latest with Facebook account being required?
    It was at first then I heard it wasn't going to be.
    TequilaUK's avatar
    Thankfully a Facebook account is no longer required..
    You can log in with either a Meta or Facebook account.
  4. Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    Good price for the 256GB version RE4 is a great game (started playing it the other day).

    With the games included this is priced at the old, pre-price increase, price. It's definitely worth getting at this price.

    Apologies @Ken , accidently caught the mouse on the keyboard as I went to vote hot and hit the cold vote button, sorry
    BARKMAN's avatar
    Voted hot to counteract your mistake. Wasn’t gonna bother voting either way
  5. buliztik's avatar
    I agree that the Quest 2 is still the best general headset around for your average gamer, I'm just glad I got my 256gb May of last year, open box return for just under £300 sometime before the price hike.

    I'd say yes, the games you find on the Meta app store are ok, you're getting the best of the bunch in the way of resi 4 and best sabre, but side loading is where it's at. I can't tell you how much joy I've had playing Dr. Beef's port of classic shooters like Doom 3 and return to castle wolfenstein. If you hail from late 90's/2000's FPS scene then getting this is a no brainer. Of course PCVR is compatible and opens you up to so much more.
    jellytotz's avatar
    Re side loading- playing from just the headset or do you need to PCVR it? Got any links to the side loading games
  6. jungleboy123's avatar
    consider before you buy that the quest 3 is due anytime soon now.
    copperspock's avatar
    Soon? From what I've heard, it'd be near the end of the year. You could still get a good chunk of enjoyment out of this before then (and the Q3 will probably be more expensive).
  7. Sproggy's avatar
    Do you know if the games can be sold on or digital download only?
    Biddy2's avatar
    It's digital only for all Quest headsets, but I think you do get codes in the box in this bundle so could sell these on at least. (edited)
  8. cookied's avatar
    I'm sure meta have or are dropping both the quest 2 & quest pro prices...
    dj_lloyde's avatar
    But they have just raised the prices of the headset by £100
  9. tds09k's avatar
    Considering that during Black Friday, I paid around £349 for a "Quest 2 128 GB Gaming Headset" with the Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4 Bundle.....

    This is a really really good deal. £429 for a 256GB Quest 2 model plus three games included. You can't do wrong with this.
    Voted hot
  10. G56's avatar
    quest 3 is coming out this year, that is why the price is reduced.
  11. bigmike20vt's avatar
    it will be at least 6 months or more before quest 3 (my money is on 9 months). whether that is worth waiting for is an individual choice but in technology terms this is a long time however.
's avatar