Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP £1.50

Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP £1.50

Found 11th Jul 2007Made hot 11th Jul 2007
Been into Tesco Newton Aycliffe, they had various games at cheap prices for various formats.
Best deal had to be Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP.
Labelled as £2.00 went through till at £1.50.
This game is £29.99 on

The game may have been slated through the press, but what the hell for this price.

This offer doesn't appear to be online.


nice find, heat and rep added

It wasn't slated. For example, it got 8.2 ('Great') on GameSpot.

Just as i side, i owned this and i'm sure it would be a good game if you could understand it. It seems needlessly complicated and the training mode was useless. to the point where i couldn't even play it. i traded it in. Worth a go for £1.50.

showing up at £10 in-store or online madnis?

Anyone else seen this?


showing up at £10 in-store or online madnis?Anyone else seen this?

yeah my bad, it's £10 on-line. I edited the post. Damn! you guys are quick.

I think ]Portable Ops is supposed to be the MGS game of choice for the PSP.
Can anyone confirm these prices in other stores? Great price - heated

if this helps, i have phoned all the nottinghamshire stores and they don't have any in stock & say they won't be getting anymore in stock.

This game is amazing... go buy it now!


if this helps, i have phoned all the nottinghamshire stores and they … if this helps, i have phoned all the nottinghamshire stores and they don't have any in stock & say they won't be getting anymore in stock.

Thank you very much you saved me one heck of a job :thumbsup:

[COLOR="Magenta"]ebay and amazon are more expensive theres no tesco near me
but still voted hot as i would rush out and get if one was nearer thanks OP[/COLOR]

Are these on general display or the bargin bins you see now and again.

Possible blockbuster trade in fodder?


Well worth getting at this price - although not half as good as the first.

MGA I & II are turn based isometric games and should not be confused with the MGS series.

Has anyone managed to get one at there local Tesco other than the person who posted this?

My local Tesco is a fair size but only has PSP Chart top 20

MGS Ac!d is a great game, if your an MGS fan its really worth getting it whatever the price. It may put off more casual gamers from getting into the series. The whole game works a bit like MGS story x Final Fantasy Turn Based Battles x Card Game. I'm about to start Ac!d 2 now, didnt like Portable Ops much, it was too much of a full game watered down, didnt really feel right IMHO.

OP, does this come with the goggle-eye things?

Heated and repped.:thumbsup:


Has anyone else got this...........none in our 3 tesco's at this price.

no where to be seen in my 2 local tesco's.

so i'm not gonna vote hot or cold. If anyone gets it for that price, it's literally a give-a-way

Will have to call in tesco next time im on way to darlo!


The cheapest PSP games in my local TESCO are £29.97, none on sale whatsoever

I've not found any again.. as has always been the case with these 'in store' offers published

Original Poster

Not bad for a first posting, eh.

I think the trick with Tesco is to get in as soon as you can on a Wednesday.
They tend to change offers that day.

The Aycliffe branch is a Tesco Extra, I don't know if that makes a difference to what you find elsewhere.
Aycliffe is one of the few branches you can use for Tesco Direct too.
Again I don't know if that has any bearing on what stock they carry.
I was instore at 10am and they had 3 on display.
I maybe should have snaffled them all up, but I'm not greedy.

They have the chart games next to a host of non chart titles across all platforms.
They have had MGS 1 instore recently for £9, but this offer beat that hands down.

I have heard a rumour that Tesco stores run their own pricing policy.
If this is true, it may be a factor in what you find in your own branches.

Somebody else must have got lucky somewhere.

Checked Gloucester Store (St. Oswolds) none on the shelf.

none in middleton manchester

none in the new super dooper megatron Tesco in Poole, Dorset (Fleetsbridge).

I may try the big Tesco at Tower Park today. If anyone is in my area and has tried already please update the post.


Not bad for a first posting, eh.

Yeah it's really stunning for something nobody else can actually seem to find. Brilliant.

None in the whole of Kent, by the way.

None in Grimsby, either.

Thanks for the info just got vice city stories for £5.00

Both the first and the second are great games, however the first is probably better for a new player as the second gets hard very quickly, the first one teaches you how to play for longer.
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