Metal Gear Solid 3 - Subsistence PS2 - £22.93 inc delivery from The

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Subsistence PS2 - £22.93 inc delivery from The

Found 31st Aug 2008
I've been looking for this game for ages now, everywhere is either ridiculously stupidly highly priced (due to its collectable nature) or out of stock.
Found it at the for £22.93, 2-4 weeks delivery time though but is still a good price for an excellent game that is hard to come by nowadays.
Quidco will track at 5% saving you approx £1.15.

This is the 3 disc version containing new single player features and some online content.


lo, chances of the hut having this in stock is highly unlikely mate, but worth a go if your after it :thumbsup:


Over a million sold of this edition, it's not as rare as you might think

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MB - why would the hut advertise it and allow people to buy it if they arent going to sell it to us? ive bought many items from them that are advertised as a 2-4 week wait and received them all.

Rubisco - i saw loads of these around two years ago in shops and online, nowadays its just harder to find. Its not that its classed as 'rare' but its just a difficult game to find brand new.

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cuzzy;2862554 £23.89Showing.... … £23.89Showing.... Availability: Usually dispatched within 72 hours. £23.93Showing.... Availability: Usually despatched within 2-4 weeks:Edit. Not voted either way.

spotted these two also, but both of these are more expensive than the posted deal,

Sendit's one is less than a quid more and it's in stock, whereas the Hut is 2-4 weeks. You wanna wait another 10-20 days for a game to save a quid?

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yeah but sendit are known to many to advertise products as 'in stock' and then for them to suddenly disappear, i once waited three months for a dvd from sendit which i bought whilst it was shown as in stock, during the three months the dvd was always shown as 'in stock' yet their emails they sent were telling me (and probably loads others) that they were waiting delivery, in the end i cancelled and bought it elsewhere for the same price.

And when it comes to saving a bit of cash and when im not in any rush for a game/dvd then i'd normally choose the cheaper option.
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