Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots - Limited Edition ( UK Exclusive)

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots - Limited Edition ( UK Exclusive)

Found 8th May 2008
Limited Edition contents:
6" Old Snake 'Olive Drab' action figure
"The Making Of Metal Gear Solid 4" documentary on Blu-ray Disc
Official Metal Gear Solid 4 soundtrack

Game features:
The final chapter of the Solid Snake saga
Infiltrate all new battlefields with all new gear
Enhanced close quarters combat system
Octocamo Suit absorbs background detail for added disguises
Metal Gear Online included with game

only metal gear fans will find this worth the money


Wow is it me or is this really expensive ? £50 for the game £10 for the CD £10 for the figure and £10 for a documentary blue ray disc ?

I will never buy from again as I have always had broken cases from them when I have had items delivered in the post.

I shall be sticking to HMV.

Sorry, but with the game being just £34.49 from Choices & a whole range of 7" Metal Gear action figurines for £12.99 in Forbidden Planet, paying more than £32 for a "making of" and Soundtrack seems expensive. :shock:

is this not extortion, 79.99 for a piece of disc to play with. this , is expensive

For a special edition that is a joke of a price and i am a Metal gear solid fan.

I know some major 'metal gear nuts' that have been waiting for the limited edition to be confirmed for ages. Heat added.:thumbsup:

And I thought that the GTA Special Edition and the Halo Legancy Edition were jokes. THis just takes the buscuit.

£80?? who they trying to kid. £40 for the game and £40 for a £10 figure, a CD you will play once and a making off DVD that will send you to sleep.

Nah. Ill just go for the standard edition thanks if its all the same to you.

that is freakishly expensive. I bet it ain't meant to be - its the EXCLUSIVE BY that made it. (think of the bribes must shell to get it)
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